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New Year, new shoes. These are olive suede ... sorry for the phone cam quality and flash, but it just doesn't brighten up here, rain every day.
Meermim - Alicante suede on Olfe last. (Limited to 25 pairs)
It's on the Olfe.
Latest additions to the shoe collection:
A couple of action shots on the first voyage:
They are a good fit. However, these are generic trees I purchased many years ago and have no idea where from. No brand name on them, so I'm afraid I cannot tell.
My Alicante suedes have arrived:
Just to add my 2 pennies, I wear UK 9.5 E in CJ348 (Drummond) and also 9.5 Olfe. The latter may be a tad shorter and feels a little more comfortable for me, while I couldn't go down half a size on CJ348.
Haven't kept track accurately, but I would guess no less than 6 full days (6am to 6pm) and a couple of shorter wears  (around 3-4 hours each).
They are the first run of Museum calf MTOs. The Olfe last suits my feet (almost) ideallly.
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