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They are a good fit. However, these are generic trees I purchased many years ago and have no idea where from. No brand name on them, so I'm afraid I cannot tell.
My Alicante suedes have arrived:
Just to add my 2 pennies, I wear UK 9.5 E in CJ348 (Drummond) and also 9.5 Olfe. The latter may be a tad shorter and feels a little more comfortable for me, while I couldn't go down half a size on CJ348.
Haven't kept track accurately, but I would guess no less than 6 full days (6am to 6pm) and a couple of shorter wears  (around 3-4 hours each).
They are the first run of Museum calf MTOs. The Olfe last suits my feet (almost) ideallly.
That's what I do. Renovateur occasionally. Combination of saphir cream and wax polish ... and a few drops of water now and then between application of the wax.
A couple of photos to show you how well my two pairs of Meermins are holding up after several wears. I'm certainly going to buy more Meermins in future.
Can't see the pictures :-(
The photo does not show anything. The shoes aren't even aligned properly.
  That last looks sweet!
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