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Excellent. Totally dig this.
Sorry, even though I love the shoes and certainly admire the pinstripe, I don't think they go very well together. Pinstripe & Derby, I think not.
They are by O'Keeffe.Goodyear welted and made in Italy.
New Year, new shoes. These are olive suede ... sorry for the phone cam quality and flash, but it just doesn't brighten up here, rain every day.
Meermim - Alicante suede on Olfe last. (Limited to 25 pairs)
It's on the Olfe.
Latest additions to the shoe collection:
A couple of action shots on the first voyage:
They are a good fit. However, these are generic trees I purchased many years ago and have no idea where from. No brand name on them, so I'm afraid I cannot tell.
My Alicante suedes have arrived:
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