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This is what I managed to get from Justin yesterday. Thanks, Justin. It was great to meet you again ...      
Finally, some photos of the bespoke Barclays I picked up at the sale yesterday:            
Even at 11am, there were no queues.
That Gable doesn't have the characteristic pointed stitching ... Interesting. Lovely colour!
... oh and before I forget, I also picked up a lovely driving jacket, a silk scarf and a shirt at Timothy Everest.
Was also at the sample sale. Getting up at 3.30am, then travelling 5h to London and getting to Timothy Everest by 11am turned out to be well worth it. I got myself what Tony described as "probably the best deal in the sale." Travelling back now, so won't be able to post pictures until tomorrow ... it'll help keep the tension up for you guys :-)
Great new web site. BUT: No ladies shoes? No bags? No single MTOs! Only a single style in both cordovan and Norvegese. No balmoral boot in RTW.
The copper suede was a limited run of 25 pairs.
They're on Olfe.
Reminds me of my LM copper suede Meermins:
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