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If it is any consolation, I have squeaking EGs and G&Gs. These cost a multiple of Meermins ...
There's something wrong with with the fit. With a derby lacing the quarters (?) should not touch when laced up. This indicates the shoes are too big or at least have a higher instep than your feet.
It is mainly a matter of the last and where the shoe flexes. I have had these same problems with shoes by Edward Green. Unfortunately, not something that is immediately noticeable when trying on the shoes, since it takes some wearing for the flexing to show its effects. Had the same with some C&Js that I ended up having to sell because the problem would persist. I am glad to say that my three pairs of Meermins do not show this problem at all. These are: a calf double monk...
Ha ha ... I did the same. Received mine on Friday. Great shoes.
Second time wearing my new Barclays. Love 'em .. .
I agree, same with the new Barclays. Fit like a glove. Always very supple leather/suede on G&Gs, much more so than EG or JL. i would not tolerate heel slippage. At G&G prices I want a good fit, rather settle for a little tight than a little too big when new.
IIRC, Justin said he'd aim to ship all orders next week.
I'm afraid it was. Slight blemish, hardly noticeable when worn. Really glad I went on Thursday morning ...
SiSizing up would make the quarters touch and that would not be good, so either you need a wider shoe (or different last) or you actually have the right size and just have to break them in.
Of course that is what it means ... no worse than RTW unless that someone else's foot is completely misshapen. These happen to fit me perfectly (better than the RTW version), so I'm happy.
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