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IIRC, Justin said he'd aim to ship all orders next week.
I'm afraid it was. Slight blemish, hardly noticeable when worn. Really glad I went on Thursday morning ...
SiSizing up would make the quarters touch and that would not be good, so either you need a wider shoe (or different last) or you actually have the right size and just have to break them in.
Of course that is what it means ... no worse than RTW unless that someone else's foot is completely misshapen. These happen to fit me perfectly (better than the RTW version), so I'm happy.
That's what Tony said (and the box). Even bespoke can be based on or modelled around a last shape that pretty much resembles an existing last.
This is what I managed to get from Justin yesterday. Thanks, Justin. It was great to meet you again ...      
Finally, some photos of the bespoke Barclays I picked up at the sale yesterday:            
Even at 11am, there were no queues.
That Gable doesn't have the characteristic pointed stitching ... Interesting. Lovely colour!
... oh and before I forget, I also picked up a lovely driving jacket, a silk scarf and a shirt at Timothy Everest.
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