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... maiden voyage on Saint Patrick's Day (hence the green jeans and green socks). socks also from the sale at Timothy Everest.
#2 of 3: Hove in Vintage Chestnut
This is the lot: Isham (Espresso), Hove (Chestnut), Kensington (Rioja)
#1 of 3 from Friday's haul at the London sale: Isham in Espresso
Was good to meet you on the Tube today and I can confirm those Thorpe boots look great.
Yep, got them from Denis at MTO Paris. Sock are by Duchamp.
Wearing one of my all-time favourites today:
Would love to join in the Burnham GMTO, but unless the lottery is good to me, I'll have to make do with these for now ...
Gorgeous shoes.
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