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They do have a few nasty scruff marks from being forced into some football action in the schoolyard when picking up the boys a few years ago Tried to polish them out and am happy to keep on wearing them.
Still the original soles on these. Had to have the soles replaced on a pair of Hayes that are about half a year younger than the Gables, though.
Starting the week with my trusty old Gables that started my voyage into G&G territory some 8 years ago.
Hove Monday.
Very nice indeed ... but why not this colour combination? Think they look great and would be a welcome addition to my collection.
These look fab and will suit you well. Great choice!
Truly stunning shoes!
If true, that's very sad. I got my first G&Gs - Vintage Chestnut Gables - there and met Tony there for the first time ...
But Gable is a wholecut.
... love 'em. 
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