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Stunning shoes. Love 'em!
Sorry to say, but they look way too big for you. I'd say at least half a size, but it might be a general problem with the last not being a good fit for your feet.
Agreed. It is usually not necessary to fix this. Had it on shoes from various well-known and even high-end brands. Nobody will notice and typically this should not cause any problems in the longer term.
The same happened to mine, a pair of the initial samples sold on this site. Fortunately, at the time DC Lewis had some spare buckles that he sent me. A local cobbler was then able to fix the shoes.
I had ordered these too, but found it hard to find suitable nails or screws. What do you use? Would be great if you could provide a link ...
Any news on the leftovers from the sample sale?
They do have a few nasty scruff marks from being forced into some football action in the schoolyard when picking up the boys a few years ago Tried to polish them out and am happy to keep on wearing them.
Still the original soles on these. Had to have the soles replaced on a pair of Hayes that are about half a year younger than the Gables, though.
Starting the week with my trusty old Gables that started my voyage into G&G territory some 8 years ago.
Hove Monday.
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