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Wow. Love 'em.
As far as I know, all RTW GCs are made by others. They do their own bespoke, though.
It does have some resemblance to the Imperial line, however the waist on all examples of Cheaney Imperials I have seen so far was much lower, almost touching the ground. Silhouette of a Cheaney Balmoral compared to the Kingsman boot: 
Kingsman is a Mr Porter brand bringing together various collaborations with well-known manufacturers like Turnbull and Asser, Swaine Adeney Brigg, Deakin & Francis, Czech & Speake, George Cleverly, and others.   I have just received this pair of Kingsman x George Cleverly Chelsea boots and am curious whether anyone might have an idea who actually makes them for GC.      
Stunning shoes. Love 'em!
Sorry to say, but they look way too big for you. I'd say at least half a size, but it might be a general problem with the last not being a good fit for your feet.
Agreed. It is usually not necessary to fix this. Had it on shoes from various well-known and even high-end brands. Nobody will notice and typically this should not cause any problems in the longer term.
The same happened to mine, a pair of the initial samples sold on this site. Fortunately, at the time DC Lewis had some spare buckles that he sent me. A local cobbler was then able to fix the shoes.
I had ordered these too, but found it hard to find suitable nails or screws. What do you use? Would be great if you could provide a link ...
Any news on the leftovers from the sample sale?
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