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Yep, got them from Denis at MTO Paris. Sock are by Duchamp.
Wearing one of my all-time favourites today:
Would love to join in the Burnham GMTO, but unless the lottery is good to me, I'll have to make do with these for now ...
Gorgeous shoes.
This is a difficult one for me. I love the midnight blue leather. And I also dig the suede/calf combo in terms of material and colours, BUT I do not like the style. It is somewhere inbetween a wimgtip, a royal, and a semi ... Doesn't do it for me and I would pass on both in this makeup, I'm afraid..
Love the fox suede! Great shoes ... Gable was my first G&G, no regrets, ever.
UK 9.5 or UK10 for me please if available.
If it is any consolation, I have squeaking EGs and G&Gs. These cost a multiple of Meermins ...
There's something wrong with with the fit. With a derby lacing the quarters (?) should not touch when laced up. This indicates the shoes are too big or at least have a higher instep than your feet.
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