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This is right up SoCal's alley
what time does the auction end?
In for $275
That is a whole lot of goodness!!! Absolutely amazing swag! All of it! Shirt, ties, scarf, shoes, jackets, suits! Shame about the wife.
That's Frank's father-in-law
The new owners will soon be changing the name to Armoury Sargent
Paul's, Bathurst just south of Wilson
Quote: Originally Posted by Icehawk I still have the tiny one from my bris and one from my bar mitzvah but I think those are the only ones I saved. You've set this one up on a tee & someone's going to crush it out of the park.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont "bespoke" = "custom," sonny. Which Chan? Bespoke, custom, MTM. There's only 1 Chan worth mentioning in these forums & he'll provide whatever you need, however you like. In all seriousness, there are online synagogue bulletin boards, etc. Not sure if you've tried that. Good luck in your search.
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