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 Thanks for the advice!!! I scored a pair of 1st quality Marlow SWB on ebay today for $500 and free shipping......is that a good deal? I am selling my cordovan McNeil's to make room not because I don't like them but rather due to the fact that I currently have like 6 pairs of Color 8/burgundy cordo's.....
^^^I have already consulted Namor's chart and still felt compelled to ask due to the nature of my fat foot Thanks again.
What's up Gentlemen, I been following this thread for quite awhile now and I am ready to jump on a pair of Marlow's. Sizing? I wear 9.5E Barrie or 10D but the E is better 10E Plaza and Hampton UK 9.5 in Carmina Rain AE is almost exclusively 10e except 5 last and that is 10ee Would a 10D Marlow fit me? Please Advise Thanks.
Yeah...that is the older color 8 on those....more of an oxblood.....which, I really like.I have the same shoe and when I opened the box earlier this year I thought for sure they sent me black instead of #8Mine are a deep purple color, those you have there are exquisite for real.I would like to see some pics of them, in the outside light if that is not too much to ask.You were fortunate to get that shade!!!
Yes Sir,The pic is for reference only.Do you own this boot?If so please post a pic, as I am currently interested in acquiring it.Thanks!
Do any of you gentlemen own the Carmina 905 Cognac Cordovan chukka boot?   Can you post some pics in the wild?   This is the boot in question:       I believe it is on the Rain Last?
 The PTB you had looked quite well I might say.
 95% sure those are Hanover's........
 Thank You Sir. Leather Soul I believe. I got them from TSM list.....
^^^Getting ready for tomorrow
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