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 Dat Shade Thow...
Gentlemen,   Ya boy Watchman just kopped another grail...   Deets to come next week.   Thanks.
BB are on the 240 not the 325.
Somebody needs to swoop these up for real...
I am certain that's the angle she is working.
This what we know:1. C&J will make the Warlow2. We have 7 participants3. We are all in agreement (mostly) on the specsWhat we don't know:1. PricingHope this helps. We need 6 more interested parties.Thanks.
Okie Dokie. Here is where we are: @zippyh @MyValentine @chipshot @bespoken pa @Faster@loxo@Watchman1 Anyone else that I am forgetting?
 I am awaiting Lauren's response, but I cannot imagine it being more than the quote for the whiskey Harlech several pages ago. I don't want to give an estimate and be wrong... Are you interested if the price is right?
 You and me both Bro.  
 Gentlemen, I heard back from Lauren this morning and she strongly affirmed that CJ is interested in making the Warlow for us! There is a bit of "red tape" regarding the Marlow being made for Ralph Lauren, so, she assured me that she is working around that for us. Lauren will let me know final pricing very soon. @Faster are you in my friend? Thanks.
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