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Maiden Voyage of the Ravello Chukkas:     Happy Wednesday
I used to say all the time when Carmina was regularly offering that shade that is was indeed one of the finest shades of cordovan ever offered by anyone.   Congrats.
X-Post from Shell Cordovan Thread     Enzo B. Whiskey Cordovan Oxford Boot   Happy Tuesday!
  Enzo Bonafe Whiskey Cordovan Oxford Boot   Happy Tuesday!
[[SPOILER]]  Thank you Sir. These are actually the 1.5 leather sole with Vibram's attached.
[[SPOILER]]  Thanks Gents. Which of the following shades best describes my new EB boots? A.  RedB.  TanC.  BurgundyD.  All the Above   This is exactly why I take pics under several lighting conditions, to showcase the luster of shell cordovan. Glad you like them. Thanks.
X-Post from the Shell Cordovan Thread   Horween Color 4 Oxford Boots:                 Happy Friday!
Enzo Bonafe Color 4 Austerity Brogue Oxford Boots:               Happy Friday!
[[SPOILER]]  Believe it or not, Walmart of all places has these little cheapo horsehair brushes that have VERY stiff bristles.  Those stiff bristle, cheap brushes are what I use for what you describe. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Shoe-Gear-Men-s-Full-Size-Shoe-Brush/24538660 Otherwise, a good stiff bristle welt brush will do the trick as well. Thanks.
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