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 Thats what I would recommend. It seems that many of us here have had far greater success with Alden sizing by adjusting widths instead of lengths between the various Alden lasts. Aberdeen is one of the narrowest...therefore the E width should work. How does the Van fit you?
 IDK about that... If the 8.5D Van fit you well, then I would start with the same size in Aberdeen. Do not be surprised if you have to go out to a 8.5E...due to the restricted toe box of the sleeker Aberdeen. Or perhaps even a 9D in Aberdeen. There is no better alternative to trying on Alden shoes in person. Thanks.
 Yes Sir, I think the concept of wearing the boots/shoes for 15 min intervals for awhile inside before going outside as to break in the uppers properly is a generally good idea. Obviously, tree them when your feet are not in them. Some give the boots or shoes a dry out period before trees go in, others do not.  This last notion is mainly dictated by what climate you live in. I think that the historical significance of shell cordovan is often lost.  The leather was...
 I think that in general you don't want to crank the lacing down real hard on shoes or boots whether they be cordovan or not. The footbed will usually settle down and mold to your foot and then you can tighten them accordingly. And also, I would not worry about it too much anyway my friend.
Yeah, funny you should say it, I was actually thinking earlier today that I "Needed" and Alden #8 monk strap....
I have said this once and I'll say it again:  Alden Balmoral Models are highly underrated IMO.   They do an excellent job, especially Plaza last and most importantly their shell cordovan offerings.
Gentlemen,   Figure I would just ask this here.   Earlier today I was in a really nostalgic shoe store down the road.  The chap who owns it is like a 4th generation shoe salesman.   The lads in there know how to work a Brannock device very well.  Their was a variable about my feet that I did not know....   From heel to ball I am a US 11, but to the tip of my foot I am a US 10.  My width is EE.   What does this mean???   Please Advise.   Thanks.
Wonderful shoes at an even better price...in a rare size... Someone should buy these.
Good Night in the morning...Dr. Pepper,Please post pics of what a 3E Barrie shoe looks like....Slow yo roll my brotha...that's quite the haul you got comin in...Hope they ALL work out for you my friend.
Happy Wednesday:     In the Whiskey LWB.
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