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Gentlemen,   FYI:   I hope you are well.   "I am pleased to inform you that the Marlow has been given the go ahead for the 16 pairs.   I am going to start charging everyone’s cards on Thursday, as this is when I will next be in the office.   If you have any further questions please feel free to ask."   All Hail the Warlow!
 No Sir. They were the last remaining pair from a shop overseas.   Truly a rare find. I could not resist even though it is nearing the warmer months and boots will be worn, just not as much as other shoes. Thanks.
Gentlemen,   X-Post from the Shell Cordovan Thread:             Carmina Horween Cognac Shell Cordovan Jumper Boots on Oscar Last.   Happy Friday!
Gentlemen,   I did it again.  The opportunity for me to apprehend another rarity presented itself, so, I had to get these:             Carmina Jumper Boots in Horween Cognac Shell Cordovan on Oscar Last.   Happy Friday!
 No.  Lauren is hard at work.  She should be notifying those first 12 parties (In order of payment received) any day now.
Your feet may hate you but your wallet thanks you...
 So Sir. A fellow member here had them collecting dust in his closet, so, I chose to help him dispose of them so that he could have less dust and more closet space.  Tough job, but someone has to do it. Thanks.
Gentlemen,   X-Post from the Shell Cordovan Thread:  Cognac Cordovan U-Wing On Rain           Happy Friday!
Gentlemen,   My newest acquisition is the Carmina U-Wing on Rain Last in Cognac Shell Cordovan:                 Happy Friday!
Gentlemen,   Here is the latest update:   "I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you I was on holiday and was meant to return on Tuesday however I was ill so I have only just returned.    I  think this may be the better idea at the moment.   A gentleman on the order has just pulled out of 2 pairs on this order so we are down to 17 people, including yourself.   I will be able to go through my e-mails and inform you of who was on the first 12 to give me their...
New Posts  All Forums: