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Gentlemen,   Check my sig for one that shall not be mentioned in this threak.   Thanks.
There is a distinction between Horween Cognac, Dark Cognac and Cigar.  In descending scale of darkness.  "Cognac" is usually a proprietary Carmina shade.  Like Ravello is to Alden.     Thanks.
Gentlemen,   I have an Alden Whiskey Shell Cordovan Long Wing Blucher in size 10E for sale.   Let me know if you are interested.   Thanks.
Gentlemen,   Check my sig and have a great weekend.   Thanks.
Gentlemen,   I have surmised recently that I have too many shoes in Whiskey Shell Cordovan and therefore something must go.   These were originally made for TSM in early 2015.   Model: Alden Whiskey Shell Cordovan Long Wing Blucher Price: $750 Condition:  9 of 10. Sole:  They have Topy’s on the heel and forefront of the shoes.  ($50 worth of work) Size:  10E Barrie Last   These are not irregulars, but there is a bit of color variation from left to right shoe....
[[SPOILER]]  Yours are actually older Cognac.  Not Bourbon. The New Bourbon should be slightly lighter IRL. Obviously, with cordovan there are anomaly variations across the board that make even the most dedicated collectors confused. This is due to the dense pores of the shells accepting dyes and coloring differently. My understanding is that even the factory itself has a bit of trouble nailing down the shades... Thanks.
[[SPOILER]]  @zippyh I'm glad I ain't the only one around here with 1st world problems... Congrats my friend.  Enjoy and wear in good health.
Gentlemen,   Am I safe to assume that an 11C on the Trubalance last is about equal to an 11D in general terms?   Thanks
[[SPOILER]]  Kind of makes you want to go on trips more often...
[[SPOILER]] No. To go half size down is the same as 1 full size down when using CJ for RL sizing paradigm.
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