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 I need more suede in my life......
Mike, Those Whiskey Short Wings are perhaps my favoite in your collection. Alden cordovan balmorals are a rare thing, which is quite sad because they do them so well. Wear in good health my friend!
Gentlemen,   My Day-Tripper have arrived!   I would like to personally thank SF member Alcibiades for handing them over quietly and not causing a big scene....   Just joking....but he is truly a gentleman and a scholar!    Now for the pics:                 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
Gentlemen,   I just got off the phone with the Michigan Ave AE store and they confirmed that the trunk show cordovan's could be a couple weeks behind.   They also said they were not sure and that anything could happen.   Good things come to those who wait........   Thanks!
 Another Classic Ensemble!  The Mid/Light Grey's go so well with #8 Bravo and Enjoy
^^^I would go #8 on commando if you can....that is what I have experience with and know it works!
 I actually live around the Rockford/Beloit area and have gotten good service out of 2 Alden Cordovan boots. 1.  #8 WT boot on commando2.  #8 PCT boot with Topy's on sole and heel Shell is actually an amazing winter leather.  And for this area as well. I have never owned crepe but I would not see why it would not work well for what you need it to. Thanks!
 My Pops just scored himself a pair for Black Friday and I got to handle them....I was actually impressed. The heel was nailed on with 270 welt construction.  Oiled leather upper with a very interesting sole.  Neocork I think.  Stiff as a board though. I think you would want your Barrie/Tru size. Pops wears AE 5 last in 11D like it was made for him.....11D Iron Ranger had him swimming.
 Tif, If I had a dollar for every time I said that I would have enough "dough ray me" to pay cash money for a new pair of Alden rare cordo's.....maybe even 2...... Such is the nature of the beast when you are in the Alden game! 
  http://www.amazon.com/Leather-Honey-Conditioner-Furniture-Accessories/dp/B003IS3HV0   Works Wonders For ALL Leathers!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: