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 Like Milk Chocolate my friend.   
 These are sick for real, where can they be had?
My Grails Are As Follows:   1.  Ravello LWB or Short Wing Boot. 2.  Ravello PTB. 3.  Anything in #4 in my size.
@mdubs   Congrats on your #2 LHS Brother.   I know you truly enjoy your Alden's and especially rarities such as those beauties.   Also, the pics and description of those shoes is a very good thing for the furtherance of Aldenology.   Of which you have a PHD. 
Walnut Cordovan Strands
These are very tempting, and, in my size...
@JSO1   How would you describe the color of your recent Vass "Antique" Cordovan shoes?   Alden Cigar, Carmina Cognac, Ravello???   Please Advise.   Thanks.
This ain't even right...I gotta get me a pair of these...
 From the getting place. Most of the mainline shops will add an EE width to the next run for you. Frankly, an EE width Aberdeen may be the best fitting shoe of all time for me.
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