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Gentlemen,   Thanks for your compliments.   @kczsilence Lauren informed me that the Pembroke label is due to "Trademark" agreements with RL.  So, hence the Pembroke.   @tocohillsguy Its my understanding that the CJ for RL line are a admixture of hand grade and bench grade.  I cannot make too many discerning judgements yet regarding the comparative quality.
Gentlemen,   All Hail the Warlow:               C&J did a fantastic job on these.  The welt stitch is much more appealing than I thought it would be.   Special thanks to all who participated.    
Its all good my friend.  I think I have a certain sense of indwelling guilt for having so many whiskey shell kicks....or maybe not.....   Funny we should be speaking of this at the moment....your never gonna believe what the nice UPS man just left at my door.... Delivered On:Monday,  08/29/2016 at 9:36 A.M. Pics to come....
Dude, I totally did not mean to sound snooty or snobbish.  All I was trying to communicate was the fact that I have too many shoes/boots in the same color spectrum thats all. The Warlow's are very different from anything else I own at this time.   And I am NOT a baller by any stretch.  Honestly, I am in Grad School right now.  My vocation is a very humble one. Nevertheless, collecting shell cordovan shoes and boots is my hobby and pastime. Thanks.
Here are a couple shots of the standard CJ welt stitch:       This looks great.  But a little boring for me TBH.   Perhaps it is because I have so many shoes and boots in whiskey shell cordovan that I am constantly looking for something fresh and different from the norm...
All I got to say is dat dem Warlow's is OFF. THE. HOOK.
[[SPOILER]]  Where do you live? (If you don't mind me asking of course)
I am actually shocked at how light that whiskey is.....   Whiskey from Horween has been increasingly dark.   These are VERY light...
I think the welt gives the whole shoe a very retro/nostalgic look that is rarely seen today.   Like late 40's early 50's.        
I actually dig the contrast welt.     Very different.   Very Unique.   Here is actually the pic I sent them for inspiration:  
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