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Who says you can't get a mirror shine on shell...
@NAMOR,   My Friend, I know you have been in the shoe/shell game much longer than myself, but I would like to recommend Leather Honey.  I have cured cordovan dryness with that stuff.  And it works wonders on leather soles as well.   Thanks for all your hard work in this thread my friend.  This thread is the reason I have my Marlow's and they are perhaps my fav's. 
Gentlemen,   I am asking your collective opinions on my next Alden purchase.    Either the 974 or the 975?   In #8 of course.   The thing is that I have a strong affinity for balmoral styling, but the Barrie fits me like a glove.   I am leaning toward the 975 simply because of the fit.   Thanks in advance.
I got to stop clicking on this thread because I'm having too many thoughts about trying organize this shoe for a GMTO:     Only in burgundy shell cordovan....
 Gentlemen, Thank you for your helpful replies.  I just swooped up a bottle of Alden Leather Defender. I normally use paste wax as a barrier between my cordovan and the elements.  But yesterday I was caught in a rainy situation that I was not at all prepared for. I am of the camp that says $15 on a pair of shells that cost much more than that is a great deal for the piece of mind. I have several pair of cordovan's (one in every shade) that I plan to treat with this...
Gentlemen,   What is the general consensus regarding Alden Leather Defender on shell cordovan?   Thanks.
Thank You Sir.They are the 531 or the PTB version of your LWB.I posted the shoe last comparison to show the elegant clunkiness of the Detroit last.
Just a quick word regarding shell cordovan on Dainite.   It "seems" to me that the rolling effect of cordovan leather is best controlled by having a Dainite sole underneath it.   The folds are mush more uniform and have a better overall appearance.   I noticed this phenomenon first in my 531's and then again in MTO AE Strands.   The difference is quite striking really. 
 Gentlemen, I own the 531 PTB in Cognac Cordovan on Dainite and it is an amazing shoe. The way I would describe them is; "Elegantly Clunky"   Here are a few pics:  (Left to Right) AE 1 last, Carmina Rain, Carmina Detroit, C&J 325, Alden Barrie  
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