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Hello Sir,   These are EG slightly wide fitting is that correct?   "E" being standard width, "F" being slightly wide?   Thanks
In short, these do not look like shell cordovan.   The third pic from the top is a dead giveaway.   Calfskin my friend.   Thanks.
 Wow, this must be the K9 version of the newest Alden Cordovan models:  Also, the new Horween Woven Shell Cordovan in Black and Color #4. 
 Ha, ha, I know the feeling. The whole key is to rotate the stock my friend.
For your consideration is the Alden for Jcrew Perforated Cap Toe Boot in Horween Color 8 Shell Cordovan.   These beautiful boots are in Gentlemen's Pre-owned Condition.   These boots are made on the Barrie last which generally fits about 1/4 to 1/2 size large.   For instance a 10D could potentially fit a 10.5D US Mens Size.   These are around 1.5 years old.  And were part of a larger rotation.   Low Miles    Topys installed on the heel and forefront of boot....
 This is such a rare and unique model.  You were wise in picking these up. I was wondering why we had not seen you in some time @ReppTiePrepster Some of you gents are blessed to have a job that requires lots of field work.  I am in front of a computer all day and have the benefit of being able to be on the Forum...which, has its ebb and flow as well... @mdubs says he will be unavailable for awhile as well...you dear men have a great time!
 It really is a shame that Alden does not have any Dainite offerings...the chunky aesthetic fits Alden perfectly IMO.
Gents,   I am still zeroing in my Grant size.  I believe it is 10EE.  That is what I take in Aberdeen.   I have a 10E that is a bit tight.  Alden's fit differently across the board from shoes to boots.   And then, even more so from bals to bluchers.  This has been my experience after owning a few pairs.
   Gentlemen, I believe Alden Grant to be one of their sleekest and most elegant. Certainly very long as well. Tell me please, where are you finding this makeup that you speak of? Thanks.
Well, perhaps the gent would be willing to give you the Alden homeboy discount?Who knows...
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