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Alright, alright...   I don't know if I should call these grails or unicorns.   Exotic no doubt and brand new.   It's a boot, sort of.   Thanks.
Gentlemen,   The nice people from Fedex are headed to the Watches Home for a special delivery tomorrow...   Its gonna be a very good day.   Thanks.
The horse from which the hides that your boots were harvested from apparently had, what looks to be, a long and intense life. Complete with some hard miles on his rear...I would hate to see what mine looks like at the end of my life... Thanks.  
[[SPOILER]]  This is actually fairly common for shell cordovan leather.  Those are natural variations in the lighter hides.  I am assuming CJ takes a less is more approach to finishing their cordovan shoes and boots. Carmina and Vass and EB are all similar in this regard.  They try to add as little finishing as possible post tannery.   This preserves the natural beauty of the leather and shows its inherent qualities. This is also why Horween shell cordovan has become...
Well, I just wear a simple belt with my whiskey boots/shoes...something that matches of course. I really do need to get a whiskey shell cordovan belt...if I didn't spend all my lunch money on shoes.... Allen Edmonds makes the walnut calfskin belts that match alright.
@KPDarb    I like em...  
These have sold.  Thanks to all who inquired.
You can start a thread noting your interest here in the B&S forum. Then, people will contact you if they have what you are interested in. Good Luck.
Gentlemen,   Your man has got a serious grail inbound...   Tune in next week for the deets...   Thanks.
Somebody needs to kop the grails in my sig...
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