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Sunday Best:     Happy Sunday.
Looking Proper as Always @Shawnc   Also, good to see General McArthur boosting the moral of the Alden Army again.     @mcarthur Your Alden's are why I am into the game today, so, thank you Sir.  
Price Bump to $650.   Can't believe these are still here.   Perhaps I should have them stuffed and mounted upon my wall?
 Yes Sir, I got accepted into Grad School the 3rd week of August this year and hit the ground running. The whole process unfolded rather quickly, like, really, really quickly... So, I've been working and going to school and raising a family. I still frequent SF regularly though. Once I fall into the groove of the school I attend and get a better feel for the protocol, I think I will be able to post more. The #4 EB bal boots are due at the end of this month, so says...
 Wow Dr. Pepper, these are stunners my friend. Congrats
 These ain't even right... Absolutely sick... Gotta get me a pair....
Looky what I found....
First Day of Grad School in the Alden Cigar LWB:       Happy Thursday!
 Don't know where this doctrine is coming from. I have Topy's on my Alden's with oiled soles and they are holding up extremely well.
Here's "Proof" C&J uses Horween shell Cordovan: http://horween.com/stockists/ See page 6...
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