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 Dude, I am dying to get one of those... Bals are my forte and its killing me to think that one of those is gonna slip through my paws... 
 Wear them just like Alden whiskey...light to mid grey's.  Cuffed chino's and khakis.  Worsted of the highest sort, gabardines in a broad array of colors. I personally like this shade with grey's and British tans...
inn8chiro, I am very happy for you my friend.  I know you have wanted these for a while now. Congrats my Friend.  Wear in good health. 
 That is Cognac and Saddle A.K.A. Ravello and Whiskey. That is the thing, these shoes are going to be for sale soon because Carmina lasts do not fit my Freddy Flintstone feet. They fit, just NOT like my Alden's.   Alden provides the finest fitting shoe I have ever had the privilege of putting my fat foot into. Plaza fits me best, then Barrie and then Hampton. The Aberdeen's I just bought "seem" good.  I will let you know soon.
 These are rare and exotic birds indeed, but they can be had from time to time. Alden does balmoral's exceptionally well, I think they don't feel like that is their strong points, but I beg to differ. I am in agreement with you that they need to do the rare cordo's in more brogued bals... Since you brought it up, Carmina excels in doing balmorals in rare cordovan colors. Here is a brief shot of my 922's: 
 You Don't Want To:    
^^^When I toured the AE factory, it was surprising to see the amount of actual handwork that goes into them.  I suspect that the superior quality of Alden requires a little more that AE.
Don't know why I feel compelled to say this...but Ed Z. from TSM is basically an Alden sizing guru.   He/they may not beat their own drum in that regard, but Ed has sized me perfectly for every purchase I have made from him.   If you are having difficulty sizing Alden's, he would be the first guy that I would call.   Thanks!
^^^Congrats my friend.  It is a good feeling to get your hands on some rare shell after looking at pics for so long. 
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