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I have found the EB 804 to be an excellent last as well.   Interesting note, it is almost identical to Carmina Inca when laid side by side.   Thanks.
 IME, the reaction of shell cordovan to water is on a case by case basis.  Some hides that make up boots and shoes do not suffer from water welts at all and/or minimally. Others seem to react harshly. Here is a little thread I did not too long ago that deals with this: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?229432-Carmina-Shell-Water-Spots Also, here is the world famous thread here on SF that deals with this as...
Well, I am glad to agree with my friends on SF. Here is what I am saying: The shell cordovan shoes and boots from CJ for RL have undergone many different variations of shade over the years.  Since I have been wearing them they have changed from a mid cognac to a deep cigar shade. There is no way that the shades have been consistent.  The early "Polo" branded CJ's for RL are the ravello shade as pictured above.  The later are the cigar as above. Thanks.
Hey Joe, long time no read.... If what you say is true, then how do you explain this:  ^^^Both of those are Wingtip derbies made by CJ.  Both are made with Horween Shell Cordovan.  Both are for RL.  Same size.  But, vastly different shades.  As different as classic cigar and ravello.   There most certainly has been many shifts in the way CJ makes their cordovan shoes for RL and also the shade of shell cordovan they use over the years. Thanks.
[[SPOILER]]  So glad you didn't sell those....
In terms of fit, style and wearability I think that Hampton is one of, if not Alden's best. 
Gentlemen,   If I can comfortably wear a US 11D, then that means I would take EG 888 Last in UK 10.5E.     Is this correct?   Thanks.
Enzo lasts are TTS IMO. I take a G width in 946 and 804. Also, I am an E, EE, or EEE in Alden or AE as well. Last dependent. Thanks.
Gentlemen,   Enzo Bonafe Mahogany Shell Cordovan Oxford Boots:     Happy Friday!  (Again)   X-Post from the Skoak Thread
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