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 I have been eyeing those for some time my friend. And, I think they would fit me too... I am just not so sure of Van sizing.  I have a Copley last LHS that fits me well in a 10.5D
 Good Grief Man..... Does Alden send all the best shades of Ravello over to Asia...... Enjoy those amazing chukka's my friend.
^^^I would have to say that I'm a sartorial nerd in general, with a MD in shoe geekery.    Wearing, obtaining and enjoying Alden's are a hobby for me that helps me to release from the pressures of my real world life. 
 Unless its Mike or Div....then I call them Cuz....
 Interestingly enough...I got into wearing Alden's because of Uncle Mac. Anyone who owns that many rare Alden's...I will gladly call them Uncle. Yep, I was a huge sneaker head in the old school days...
Thanks for the inquiry.Rain Last.The shoes have been worn around 20 times. And were a part of a large rotation.The sole guard was installed by a cobbler when they were new.
I just want to say that Carmina is perhaps the most underrated shoe brand out there. It is tragic that more gentlemen are not enlightened to the quality. Case in point: I have had a pair of rare cordovans for sale on EBay for several weeks, at a good price, and have not has so much as an offer. If those were AE or Alden they would have been sold weeks ago, but because Carmina is a relatively obscure brand in the normal sartorially ignorant world, they remain...
I have seen the above mentioned phenomenon on several occasions in this thread and other places as well. From my recollection, since lurking in this thread since 2012, I'm reminded that it seemed the Jcrew cordovan boots in particular suffered this malady. Furthermore, it should also be noted that this failure has not been reported in quite some time. Leading me to believe that somehow Alden rectified this issue. Thanks.
Can't believe these are still here. If they were Alden I would of sold them 2weeks ago on the Bay. I feel like these are even a little better than Alden in some ways, other ways maybe not.
This was not a classic pac fight at all. But it was a classic Floyd fight. I been watching boxing ALL my life, as far back as I can remember and this was a fight where if Pac would have fought the Clottey fight, he would have won. The fight was much closer than the final score showed IMHO.
New Posts  All Forums: