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 Those are keepers in my book!   Apply VSC and brush the daylights out of them! That may make the issue less noticeable. 
 Thank You My Friend
Cross post from another thread:   Carmina 531 Cognac Shell Cordovan on Detroit Last  
  Carmina 531
My Carmina 531's have broken in VERY nicely....perhaps my favorite pair.....     Thanks Skoak.....
Gentlemen, Monday night at the Chicago trunk show I placed an order for the Strand in natural cordovan with a chili welt and midsole and on Dainite.... Very excited
 I have been able to achieve and "Aldenesque" shine on some of my Carmina's.  It takes a lot of work and Saphir products in my experience.  Alden are easier to shine IMHO.   
 Where in the world did you get those? Are those Saddle cordovan? What last?
 Yeah, I cant remember who I was speaking with...(someone on this forum) and they were discussing Carmina cordovan dryness.  I have had a pair of 922 cognac wingtips that were a bit dry.....nothing to write home about...... I just was mentioning it because it was fresh on my thinking that is all. I will say this....I believe Carmina to still be one of the most underrated manufacturers that produce shell cordovan shoes.  When you figure in availability and pricing, colors...
 Out of all my Carmina's.....3 pair in shell.....this pair is BY FAR the best.  I know that others have bemoaned dryness issues with them.  I have had that happen on one other pair. These however seem to be much better.  The lining is good on them.  What sticks out the most to me is that it "Seems" to me that while there is a toe stiffener at the end of the toe, there is very little lining at all in the vamp where the cordovan rolls.....creating an almost unlined...
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