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I responded to a similar topic on a while ago. Here was my take... I think I spend a lot of money on clothes, but definitely not more than like $100 -$250 a month. I would spend more if I found stuff that I liked though. Maybe I just don't get out enough. :-) I'm not a rich man, but I make reasonably good coin by Washington D.C. standards (where the cost of living is pretty high). I guess I could really just get whatever I wanted right now. However,...
I've never seen anyone post photos of IronHeart 461 Bootcuts. Anyone have these and are willing to share? I am really interested in a really heavy bootcut jean and it's between a pair of Samurai XXBCIII's or IronHeart 461's. I have a pair of IronHeart 634s (The selvedge straight) and their pretty cool. just wish they were slimmer around the hips -- a straighter outseam. Unfortunately, I've never seen them anywhere other than, SelfEdge, the website and...
I have this pair of Nudie Regular Ralph in Dry Selvedge for sale. No soaks, no starching. $135US, OBO. Shipping outside the USA => I'll pay 50% of whatever shipping you choose.
Man, I knew I shouldn't have posted this on a Sunday afternoon. :-D b-b-bump!
I have this pair of Nudie Regular Ralph in Dry Selvedge for sale. They are 32x32 and I really should have gotten a 33x32 or maybe a 34x32 for a looser fit. They are 2 months old (broken Dec. 3rd), no soaks, no starching. $130, OBO. Continental USA is preferable -- but I would ship overseas if you take care of some of the shipping. Not sure why you'd want Nudies from the USA tho. :-) I think PayPal would be the best way to handle things.
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