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Wow, welcome to the forum. SF used to be fun and interesting. No wonder I just lurk these days. Used to enjoy discussions of possible purchases, pros and cons, where to buy, what to consider etc. Oh well...
I want to purchase a couple of small items from an Italian store. They will only send with DHL which will cost more than the merchandise itself. They won't send by mail outside Italy. I'm looking for someone in Italy who can receive them for me then send them on to the USA - either for small fee or I'll be happy to return the favor. Please PM if you can help. Thanks!
Accidentally duplicated.
Just got these bad boys and had to share. Nobody else would understand. Is it wrong (or just sad?) that I can't remember the last time I was this excited?
Ordered shirt on September 22nd. It shipped on October 5th, arrived October 10th.
Hi guys, There's a shirt I want to buy that's sold out everywhere but, apparently, a store in Copenhagen. Tried contacting them but have not heard back. Please send me a PM if you would be able to proxy for me. Many thanks!
Question: I've seen a couple of shirts in this thread that I like very much, with the order number mentioned. How do I use the order number of another customer when placing my own order?
Hope it works out well for you Btate. Neat tumblr by the way!
Yes, I use them fairly regularly. They do a great job. I know several sales associates from Saks and Niemans take their own alterations there. Also, I believe (but I'm not sure) they do the alterations for Bill Reid. I think they are excellent. The man to ask for (who you will probably get anyway, but he really is "the guy") is Estaban. I've always been very happy and the one time I wasn't quite sure he sensed it before I said anything, and kept the pants and changed them...
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