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A lot of the store's here sold CBS to early or they where all reserved. Thankfully there is one store who play's fair and doesn't do the whole reservation thing and gives everyone a shot. Waited in line for 30mins and they even gave samples at the door. They sold out in six minutes.
Im looking for a slim Leather Jacket moto/dior type style. Blackscissors or TOJ would work. Looking for size 44/S. $500 is my spending limit.
So someone gave me a box of wines and among them was a 1987 and 1989 Valmaison White Bordeaux. I was wondering if these are still drinkable or are they bast their prime?
Been in a wine mood lately. Some might say its to early to drink but I head its drinking good now so what the hell.
I am happy that my vodka survived the boat ride, bus ride, 9 hour delay, and finally the flight.
The Chasse-Spleen could have been kept a little longer but it was still pretty damn good now.
Been a while since I have had some wine so I went out and got a Bordeaux.
I have never had that trouble with craft beer though if I drink the likes of Miller High Life, Yuengling, Budweiser, etc the squirts are inevitable.
I to have a spare Blushing Monk for trade if anyones interested.
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