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One sold. One left.
I have up for sale one different Mister Mr. Bracelets. Best quality bracelet I have found. Looking for $25 shipped each. Size 7. These are what they look like.
I have a $600 budget to buy a black leather jacket that is a size small and slim fitting. pm me what you got with measurements.
Just looking for something I can't get here in North Carolina.
If anyone is interested in Midnight Sun Treat and Olde Hickory Event Horizon I have a bottle of each for trade.
Looking to buy a Blackscissors Leather jacket in size small. Let me know what you got and price. Thanks!
Kind of a lulzy purchase but I thought they boring old plain socks.
Well they are the only bracelets that I have found that are not shitty quality and that I actually like. I obviously don't wear three at a time I like to switch them around from day to day.
My little haul for the day. Sweater:
I have a copy of Battlefield 3 for the 360. Only played it online a few times. In like new condition. looking for $45 shipped.
New Posts  All Forums: