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Looking to buy a Blackscissors Leather jacket in size small. Let me know what you got and price. Thanks!
Kind of a lulzy purchase but I thought they boring old plain socks.
Well they are the only bracelets that I have found that are not shitty quality and that I actually like. I obviously don't wear three at a time I like to switch them around from day to day.
My little haul for the day. Sweater:
I have a copy of Battlefield 3 for the 360. Only played it online a few times. In like new condition. looking for $45 shipped.
Not really a jewelry kind of guy but I liked these bracelets that Mister is putting out so I ordered one. I actually really like it. Very good quality.
Finally got FBS here in NC. I thought it was delicious but then Terrapin Wake N' Bake hit the shelves today and damn I am going to have to stock up because this stuff amazing.
Got a copy of Gears of War 3 for Xbox 360 $45 Shipped and a Copy of Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox 360 $30 Shipped. Both for $60 Shipped.
Wow I kinda regret waiting in line to buy CBS. I had mine and it was hard to drink it all. If it where aged for a few years it would be good but not fresh. Way to boozy.
Probably old stuff. One of my bottle shops had a few bottles out two weeks ago and its from there "secret stash" from last year. It was pretty delicious.
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