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I feel your pain. Im a little taller but weigh in at 118. I went around Boston trying to find a suit to fit me and went to the usual suspects zara, club monaco, etc. I was luck enough to find a 34 at H&M (which is near impossible) and still ended up paying $100 getting it tailored down. Dont bother with Banana Republic. Jos A. Bank will just laugh at you. If I had more time I would definitely get a suit made which can be done affordably. Try Thick as Thieves
Just curious have you given Baxter of California any consideration? I personally would recommend them over Bumble & Bumble and American Crew.
Anyone get a tracking number lately? I was told it would be 3-4 weeks before I would get mine and that was 5 weeks ago. I e-mailed 4-5 days ago and didn't get a response.
I have up for sale a black S.N.S Herning Roentgen sweater in size small. Only worn a handful of times. Looking for $155 shipped in the USA My picture soon to come. Here is a stock one for now.
Going to Boston next week and wondering what my best store options would be as far as XS button downs, affordable suit, and pants go? Im pretty skinny and need to pick up some items but I have no stores in NC that have things that fit me.
I am curious. Do you guy's find Bandol's easily in your wine stores? I have only found two small places locally that have have one maybe two Bandol's if I am lucky. I went to Total Wine yesterday and looked to see if I could find any there. Didn't find any on my own so I asked the sales lady and she said she never even heard of Bandol wines. I guess I am going to have to look online.
The Simard was nice but the Cornas was indeed very good and was happy I was able to get the last bottle in the store.This is the bottle I am currently working on and whats on deck in the background.
Ouch that just made cry a little.
Oh no that along with the other Bandol are probably the two I enjoyed the most.
It hurts looking at this thread when I am awaiting a MDR. I don't think I have been this excited for a purchase in a while. On day 21 of the wait so im hoping it won't be to much longer till it ships.
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