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I have for sale a few Mister Bracelets. They are all size 7 and like new. Asking $25 each. If you buy more then 1 I will take 5 dollars of for each additional one. I have 2 of these ones.
So of all people to get me into Magic it was my girlfriend who is a beast and just started playing a week prior to me. I had no idea that it was still going so strong. I have visited a few card shops locally and business seems to be booming more then my nerdier days in the late 90's. Thankfully I have learned not to waist money on packs and just buy the singles needed for the decks I want to make. Still spending to much on the game though. Already have 3 decks. Might try...
Yea its a new one. Yea I noticed you had to have both down all the way but it still takes a few try's. I just looked closely and the black is rubbing off from where its making contact so it will probably wear its self in as mentioned above.
To those who have the blacked out zippers on their jackets. I am curious if anyone has had trouble with the main front zipper engaging? Because I seem to find my self having trouble getting it to zip up sometimes. I know it's nothing wrong with the make of the jacket. Im wondering if its just the black paint or whatever that is on the hardware?
Price lowered to its lowest point.
They are Paul Smith Kasmin
Ha to each their own I suppose but I like those boots. They are comfortable and the quality is good which is all that really matters to me.
Just thought I would put a fit pic of my MDR which I finally got in the mail yesterday. It is truly awesome. Well worth the wait.
New Jacket day! Sadly its a month to late its gonna be in the 80's for a while.
I had a lot more fun in Paris just walking around the various parts of the city. Its a lot more fun seeing the real Paris. The museums and tourist traps are over rated. I went twice last year and did not do one touristy thing and I do not regret it one bit.
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