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Yea its gonna be nice once things start opening up and the weather gets warmer but right now there is not anything to do but drink. I was looking at that lady of the woods series when I was there the other night and am definitely going to give them all a try along with some of the other rarities I saw. Also on the drive up here I stopped in Deleware to visit the Dogfish Head Brewpub for a bite to eat and a drink. Tried the Johnny Cask 75min. Was delicious. Also picked up...
Just moved to Nantucket for a new job and live two minutes away from Cisco Brewery. Some pretty solid beers. Have to say their Indie Pale Ale is my favorite so dar.
I am normally a 27 in APC Petit Standard. I was wondering how big the Unbranded UB101 28 is compared to the APC 27?
I have had a Blacked out MDR for about a year now and somehow it looks like something bit a chunk out of it the size of my pinky fingernail. I was wondering if this is something that I could take somewhere to get fixed? Or do I just mark it up as a battle scar?
I have for sale a black Xbox 360 S(newer model). 4GB. Comes wiith original wireless controller, after market wired controller, and Left for Dead. Looking for $180 shipped in the USA.
Im looking to buy some nice button downs for work without spending to much. Only problem is I am really skinny and need XS sizes. Please let me know what you got with pictures and prices. Thanks!
I have for sale the momofuku and momofuku milk bar cookbooks for sale. Looking for $30 for both.
Ok so I updated the listing with all my books for sale. I didnt have time to write them all down so just look at all the pictures. Thanks for looking!
I was wondering how easy it is for americans to get job's in China? My girlfriend is looking to start teaching there in a year or so and I am going to need to find out what I can do about getting a job. Has anyone had this experience? Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.
Alright so I am about to move and need to sell some of my books. They all vary in price so ask me what you are interested in and I will give you a price. Over time the prices will be next to the books. Here is what I got: Watchfiends & Rack of Screams: Works from the final perod- Antonin Artaud Irene's Cunt- Louis Aragon Paris Peasant- Louis Aragon Selected Writings Guilaume Apollinaire The Philosophy of Surrealism- Ferdinand Alquie Inferno- Dante Alighieri Hell- Henri...
New Posts  All Forums: