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Ughh I miss living in an area with multiple bottle shops and multiple breweries. Stupid island... This thread makes me so jealous.
Haha I guess it could be worse.
They are the Warby Parker Baxters. I mean I really like them but I also dont want to be going around wearing something that looks ridiculous. These are just the testers they sent. I need to get my eyes checked before I actually buy them. As far as the gap I cant tell either. I have a weird nose so it might be cause of that but heres a closer picture and you can tell me. I appreciate the help and opinion!
Been a while since I have posted in here.
Would love an opinion on wether or not these frames fit my face? I have asked a few people and its about 50/50.
Have these Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Headphones in Dark Blue. Have had them for about two months. Just dont have the time to really listen music like I want to. Comes with Box and carrying case and everything it came with. Looking for $150 shipped.
I have up for sale a brand new with tags Parke & Ronen 6" Catalonia Buckle Swim Short in French Blue Size 28. Just got it a couple weeks ago only tried one once.
So I am looking for a candle or two for my place but its hard to find one when I have no where to go and smell it. I am looking for something with the smell along the lines of Dior Homme Eau de Toilette Lavender, Sage, Cardamom, Iris, Cocoa Bean, Amber, Vetiver, Patchouli, Leather.) Obviously I am not going to get that suggestion but could someone recommend something similar? Thanks for any help!
Need a jacket for the summer to throw over a t-shirt/tank. Figured I would give this a shot. Its going to start getting to warm to wear my Toj everyday.
These are by far the perfect pair of shoes for summer. I hate sandals and loafers so this are a great replacement. I already ordered one of my pairs cause come summer time its hard to find my size or the colors I want.Still havent broken the 40's here but I am buying up now so I have it when its ready.-Alternative Apparel V-necks-Parke and Ronen swim Shorts-Probably going APC or Parke and Ronen on shorts-White APC Jeans-Rivieras Leisure Shoes
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