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Camera caught me moving but what ever ToJ JCrew Levi's Red Wing
I am 5'9" 130lbs.
Yea the legs are not overly baggy but a little baggier then I want. I was going for the fit like on the model on their website. Thats why I was asking if they shrunk or not because I don't need them that much tighter. I am trying to avoid the hassle of sending them back and waiting another 8 days of shipping time for a different pair.
Just got my Escobars. Im curious do they shrink any when you wash them? I feel like if they where slightly smaller they would be perfect. Or would I be best to exchange them for the XS? Opinions appreaciated. Here is a fit pic
My legs are pretty built so sounds like im good.Im also curious how the tanks/tee shirts fit compared to American Apparel/Alternative I normally get a small in those. I know the fit is supposed to be somewhat loose but I dont want to be swimming in it either. Should I stick with the small in those as well?
Awesome glad to hear it! I normally get a 27 in APC so it sounds like the small will do the trick! Im looking forward to these big time!
Wish I had seen this thread before I ordered my Escobars yesterday. Im wondering if I should have waited for X-Small's or not? I am 5"9' and 130lbs. I just dont want the legs to be loose and baggy. I would hate to have to return them given the crazy shipping costs.
Finishing this one up then off to the sexy in the background!
They will get easier just wear them a lot. I just got some Beckman's and had the same issue. After a week of non-stop wear they way more easy to put on and take thankfully.
Can anyone reccomened a place to find henleys that come in XS and fit like the American Apparel baby thermal henley? Thanks for the help!
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