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Been in a wine mood lately. Some might say its to early to drink but I head its drinking good now so what the hell.
I am happy that my vodka survived the boat ride, bus ride, 9 hour delay, and finally the flight.
The Chasse-Spleen could have been kept a little longer but it was still pretty damn good now.
Been a while since I have had some wine so I went out and got a Bordeaux.
I have never had that trouble with craft beer though if I drink the likes of Miller High Life, Yuengling, Budweiser, etc the squirts are inevitable.
I to have a spare Blushing Monk for trade if anyones interested.
Fed-Ex and UPS must think I am crazy with the amount of packages I get in a week.
Im hoping to get some more tomorrow and if I do what I get will be for trade but. Sadly it's grim in my area. Where I got my two they went through 2+ cases today and mine where picked from thir last case.
Success and was surprised by the low price($14.99) I thought for sure the bottle shop would put a silly mark up. Can't wait to drink me some tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField You know for a guy who claims to be such a bad ass and to have lived this really wild and interesting life, he sure comes off as such a wannabe poser in every single episode he does. I watched the Boston, Paris, and Rome ones where basically the entire time he talks about wishing he was one of the locals. He isolates whatever he finds charming about the city and then desperately tries to look like he's part of it,...
New Posts  All Forums: