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Been in a wine mood lately. Some might say its to early to drink but I head its drinking good now so what the hell.
I am happy that my vodka survived the boat ride, bus ride, 9 hour delay, and finally the flight.
The Chasse-Spleen could have been kept a little longer but it was still pretty damn good now.
Been a while since I have had some wine so I went out and got a Bordeaux.
I have never had that trouble with craft beer though if I drink the likes of Miller High Life, Yuengling, Budweiser, etc the squirts are inevitable.
I to have a spare Blushing Monk for trade if anyones interested.
Fed-Ex and UPS must think I am crazy with the amount of packages I get in a week.
Im hoping to get some more tomorrow and if I do what I get will be for trade but. Sadly it's grim in my area. Where I got my two they went through 2+ cases today and mine where picked from thir last case.
Success and was surprised by the low price($14.99) I thought for sure the bottle shop would put a silly mark up. Can't wait to drink me some tomorrow.
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