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Glad to know I'm not the only one. I bought them yesterday while I was in Boston and made the mistake of wearing them walking around the city. Literally tore the skin off the back of my heels. My big mistake was not having thicker socks.
Just got a pair of 1907's and holy crap are they abusing my feet! My Beckman's didn't give me this much trouble. I know it's normal that they need to be broken in but wow. Anyone else have trouble with the 1907's?
I got tired of waiting and just sent it to the addressee they had under the return section and e-mailed them telling them that I sent it and provided the tracking number.
I have a pair of Dior Homme Hi-tops that I have had since 2008 and they are my favorite pair of sneakers. Unfortunately the heels have worn down quite a bit and need to be fixed. I was wondering has ever gotten their sneakers repaired? Or is it time for me to retire them.
^ those look a lot better! I'm happy to know they will fit how I want them to. How did you get them so fast? Are you on the west coast? Lucky!
Just got my Mercer tank. Thought I would try it on with the Escobars. Its really comfy. Didn't think I was going to like the length and the loosness but its awesome. Also was told that XS Escobars might hit the site later tonight.
Well I do plan to wear them to yoga lolThanks for the input! I think I am just going to order the XS once they hit and will send the others back that way I dont have to wait so long for the exchange process.
Camera caught me moving but what ever ToJ JCrew Levi's Red Wing
I am 5'9" 130lbs.
Yea the legs are not overly baggy but a little baggier then I want. I was going for the fit like on the model on their website. Thats why I was asking if they shrunk or not because I don't need them that much tighter. I am trying to avoid the hassle of sending them back and waiting another 8 days of shipping time for a different pair.
New Posts  All Forums: