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^ those look a lot better! I'm happy to know they will fit how I want them to. How did you get them so fast? Are you on the west coast? Lucky!
Just got my Mercer tank. Thought I would try it on with the Escobars. Its really comfy. Didn't think I was going to like the length and the loosness but its awesome. Also was told that XS Escobars might hit the site later tonight.
Well I do plan to wear them to yoga lolThanks for the input! I think I am just going to order the XS once they hit and will send the others back that way I dont have to wait so long for the exchange process.
Camera caught me moving but what ever ToJ JCrew Levi's Red Wing
I am 5'9" 130lbs.
Yea the legs are not overly baggy but a little baggier then I want. I was going for the fit like on the model on their website. Thats why I was asking if they shrunk or not because I don't need them that much tighter. I am trying to avoid the hassle of sending them back and waiting another 8 days of shipping time for a different pair.
Just got my Escobars. Im curious do they shrink any when you wash them? I feel like if they where slightly smaller they would be perfect. Or would I be best to exchange them for the XS? Opinions appreaciated. Here is a fit pic
My legs are pretty built so sounds like im good.Im also curious how the tanks/tee shirts fit compared to American Apparel/Alternative I normally get a small in those. I know the fit is supposed to be somewhat loose but I dont want to be swimming in it either. Should I stick with the small in those as well?
Awesome glad to hear it! I normally get a 27 in APC so it sounds like the small will do the trick! Im looking forward to these big time!
Wish I had seen this thread before I ordered my Escobars yesterday. Im wondering if I should have waited for X-Small's or not? I am 5"9' and 130lbs. I just dont want the legs to be loose and baggy. I would hate to have to return them given the crazy shipping costs.
New Posts  All Forums: