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Bummed I missed out on a tasting with Julian Van Winkle as the guest earlier this month back home in NC at a bar. I was literally two blocks away at the time.
Thanks for the suggestions! Will have to check them out when I am off Island next. I ran into one of the liquor stores here that I always forget about because it is so small but to my surprise I looked up on the shelf and to my surprise they had Bookers, Bakers, Blanton's, george t. stagg, and a bunch of others that I cant remember off the top of my head.
I am curious if anyone knows of any good spots in MA to find some more unique Bourbons. Seems where I am its pretty much the basics. Knob Creek, Bulleit, Woodford, etc.
Looking to sell these Red Wing 1907 Moc Toe boots. Size 8 1/2. Bought from the Tannery in Boston and only worn a handful of times. Plenty of life left in them. Looking for 180 shipped.
Looking to sell my Sonos Play:1 speaker with bridge. Everything you need to use it. Great condition barely used. Looking for $200 shipped for the set.
So I have a 3-day pass to Austin City Limits that I purchased a while ago and have since gotten engaged and wont be able to attend. Unfortunately that is not a valid excuse for them to give me a refund so I am looking to sell it. They are sold out online so your not going to find a better deal. All in all I paid $250. Im willing to take $200 shipped priority to your door. I get the pass in August and will send it as soon as it comes in.
So I was in need of a blazer to make a full suit and I am one of those weird sizes in between a 34 & 36. I got this from Topman. How bad is the fit? I'm pretty sure it's probably to tight in the upper body area but I'm afraid if I size up it will be to big in the other areas. I appreciate any feedback. I do plan to get a proper suit made. This is just temporary but don't want to go out in it if it looks ridiculous.
Hmmm yea it works now. I was getting code earlier this morning. Glad I got to place an order for the self edge feather ring! Been eyeing it for a while.
Is it just me or is the site down?
Yea I figured you meant the 1907's.Its funny I used to always hate the moc boots because I thought they looked to chunky but over the past year the more I saw them and after trying them on I became a fan. I mean it takes some getting used to as I am used to my Beckmans but I am enjoying them just as much if not more. As fare as caring for them I havent bought any product but this should help you choose the right stuff. http://www.redwingheritage.com/care
New Posts  All Forums: