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So I have a 3-day pass to Austin City Limits that I purchased a while ago and have since gotten engaged and wont be able to attend. Unfortunately that is not a valid excuse for them to give me a refund so I am looking to sell it. They are sold out online so your not going to find a better deal. All in all I paid $250. Im willing to take $200 shipped priority to your door. I get the pass in August and will send it as soon as it comes in.
So I was in need of a blazer to make a full suit and I am one of those weird sizes in between a 34 & 36. I got this from Topman. How bad is the fit? I'm pretty sure it's probably to tight in the upper body area but I'm afraid if I size up it will be to big in the other areas. I appreciate any feedback. I do plan to get a proper suit made. This is just temporary but don't want to go out in it if it looks ridiculous.
Hmmm yea it works now. I was getting code earlier this morning. Glad I got to place an order for the self edge feather ring! Been eyeing it for a while.
Is it just me or is the site down?
Yea I figured you meant the 1907's.Its funny I used to always hate the moc boots because I thought they looked to chunky but over the past year the more I saw them and after trying them on I became a fan. I mean it takes some getting used to as I am used to my Beckmans but I am enjoying them just as much if not more. As fare as caring for them I havent bought any product but this should help you choose the right stuff. http://www.redwingheritage.com/care
I have had mine for a week now and had the same issue with mine. It is getting better and they are getting more comfortable. I think you just have to break them in.
Glad to know I'm not the only one. I bought them yesterday while I was in Boston and made the mistake of wearing them walking around the city. Literally tore the skin off the back of my heels. My big mistake was not having thicker socks.
Just got a pair of 1907's and holy crap are they abusing my feet! My Beckman's didn't give me this much trouble. I know it's normal that they need to be broken in but wow. Anyone else have trouble with the 1907's?
I got tired of waiting and just sent it to the addressee they had under the return section and e-mailed them telling them that I sent it and provided the tracking number.
I have a pair of Dior Homme Hi-tops that I have had since 2008 and they are my favorite pair of sneakers. Unfortunately the heels have worn down quite a bit and need to be fixed. I was wondering has ever gotten their sneakers repaired? Or is it time for me to retire them.
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