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No, not the clown! But you love the attention! 😄
After an iron fit will look good.
That is utterly disgusting and distasteful
OK, I take the sarcasm on the chin. 'Style' does not mean everyone has to go into a sausage factory with different tie knots and come out all looking the same.If a tie knot poorly done by a newbie, Sugarbutch, the majority of the time it is said because it is the 'wrong kind of knot'...
Why is it that people come on here and are slammed immediately for their tie knots?
I'ved PMd you to let you know that I approve of the look. Keep rolling them out my friend, confound the cynics here and be done with it. Sleeves folded back (fine), shirt and tie worn with jeans (fine).Love the shirt on this pic... details please?
You're just going to have to choose which kids you keep and which kids you delete. It's called 'family downsizing'.
New Posts  All Forums: