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Jap is an English abbreviation of the word "Japanese." Today it is generally regarded as an ethnic slur among Japanese minority populations in other countries, although English-speaking countries differ in the degree to which they consider the term offensive. In the United States, Japanese Americans have come to find the term controversial or offensive, even when used as an abbreviation. In the past, Jap was not considered primarily offensive; however, during and after the...
But he'll be back after his tantrum!! After all, it's his thread! 😉😀
14 exams to pass, ranging from corporate taxation to business and case law, audit and internal control. You get the designation ACCA after passing the exams and completing 3 years in an accountancy environment. A further 5 years down the road you get FCCA so long as your CPD is up to date.
Noodles, I'm FCCA here in England. How would that compare with CPA in America?
That's rice pudding, isn't it?
I like simple
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