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Anyone else have a nice set of brushes?
Hey, i am looking for a good quality leather folio to hold a letter sive writing pad. This is a gift for a female work colleague so i dont want masculine. Frank Clegg makes a beautiful one but it goes for $375. My budget is no higher than $200. Help me with some ideas. I know there must be some artisans around who make something classy and quality. Thanks.
Now $100.
Bump and price drop
Lovely pair of AE Walton in chocolate grain leather. Size 11.5 B. These are fantastic, but a bit tight for me. Not thrifted, I bought new. Probably 10 wears and cared for lovingly. Selling for $100 $85 or best offer. Shipping included in the price. U.S. sales only. Shoe trees not included. More pics on request. Bump and price drop
Beautiful Alden full strap loafers in black calf. Size 10.5 on the Hampton last. I am true to size 11 and these fit me well. Worn perhaps 20 times. In excellent condition uppers and soles. Lovingly cared for and treed at all times. Asking $130 [B] $110 Now $100 shipped, or best offer[/B]. Shoe trees not included. Additional info and pics on request.
I use toe and heel taps on leather and danite. Like you, i hate to have the heels and toes wear.
Can anyone shed some light on what last this is and how it fits?I wear a 9.5UK in the C&J 365 last (Islay)
Sounds like they are just too big. Size down perhaps?
Cool. Post your impressions when those boots arrive. Really curious.
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