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Can anyone shed some light on what last this is and how it fits?I wear a 9.5UK in the C&J 365 last (Islay)
Sounds like they are just too big. Size down perhaps?
Cool. Post your impressions when those boots arrive. Really curious.
I tried on both the Coniston and the Islay in the Jermyn street store a few months ago. The coniston on the 325 last is sleeker than the 365 Islay last but fits me really well at 1.5 sizes down from my U.S. 11.I am 9.5 UK in both lasts.
Hey,In looking closely, the calf boots on purdey are not scotch grain. Are they for sure the Coniston? I am hoping so.
That is how it worked out for me. I am on the large size of 11 in U.S. sizing and my 9.5 UK purlays fit exactly right.I also ordered the Coniston in 9.5.Nice to finally know my size.
Crap! You guys are killing me. I ordered the Islay last week and now the Coniston. How am i supposed to hide this from the wife? Both from the Purdey sale. By the way, anyone know if there are any differences between the standard C&J and the made for purdey C&J? The Islays look exactly the same.
I am a size 11 U.S. with a standard width foot. I bought the size 9.5 Islay and they fit perfectly.
Good luck on the replacements. Let us know how the sizing works out for you.
Razl,I have these same Purdeys but I am convinced that mine are the 365 last. Were yours a special makeup? I am still on the fence about these. The Skye and the Coniston are a sleeker boot in my opinion but I do appreciate the danite sole and the chocolate leather.Regarding sizing, I am US 11 in most fits and sized down to UK 9.5 in these. They fit perfectly. I was confident that they would, as I had tried on a pair in the Jermyn Street shop a few months ago and...
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