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Loving these. They are getting better with age. Going on about a year old with probably twenty-five wears.
Great contribution! Hilarious!
Nice photo, mate. Good luck finding these. They are beautiful.
Alden on the Hampton last.
I think this looks sharp. It wont get love here for technical reasons, but i think you are looking good.
I put heel taps on all of my dress shoes, even the rubber soled ones. Your cobbler has nails with texture that will grip tomthe rubber once tacked in place.
Lovely light brown color.
Beautiful Dunhill tweed jacket. Price is shipped CONUS. No sales elsewhere, sorry. $65 Dunhill sportscoat, wool/mohair tweed, stunningly beautiful. Pickstitching on the lapels, ticket pocket, working cuff buttons. This thing is perfect. Kills me that it is too small for me. Chest 20.5 inches Shoulders 18 inches Sleeves 23.5 inches (+.75) Length 30 inches
I have the 240 and the 256. I use the 256 as an everyday briefcase. The 240 is my go to travel carryon, usually as the small second personal item that airlines allow. I like both bags alot. The 240 has no interior divider (it would be beneficial) so keep that in mind. They are both similar in size with the 240 a tad more spacious in shape. The 240 would be a great everyday carry if the lack of interior compartmentalization is not an issue.
New Posts  All Forums: