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Same sunglasses; you can faintly see the brand in the corner. They're everywhere, how is it that I can't find them =/
bump. I really dig that shirt he's wearing too actually. But yeah, I wanna find those glasses first. Anyone else have any ideas?
Can't really help, but I do quite like it too. If the stars were black like the ones on the collar I think I'd dig it a little more though. Good luck tracking it down.
Those sunglasses in the first photo are actually starting to grow on me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Just because he has things does not mean he has money, at least not any more. There are a great many celebrities who get into serious financial trouble for overspending. Although that's true, those assets are still in his possession. And he's got the capacity to make more money; which is exactly what he does. He's one of the most in-demand music producers in the music industry. The guy doesn't need to work...
Quote: Originally Posted by StockwellDay Scott Storch not made of money... Wrong. His house is ridiculous. He's got a 20M yacht. A fleet of overpriced cars; 3 Ferrari's, convertable Rolls, Bugatti Veyron, Murcielago etc. That obsene ugly-as-fuck ring on his finger is a 74(?) caret, 3 million dollar diamond. He bought that ugly whore Paris Hilton a Bentley because he wanted to fuck her. And he bought Lindsay Lohan a million dollars worth of...
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology Theres a funny video of him walking into a club like he owns the place and getting turned away at the velvet rope. I've seen that video; that's Jonathan Rotem though, not Scott Storch. Which is slack, because J.R. is actually a really nice guy. That was pretty funny though. Quote: Originally Posted by ethirtynine Why would you want to wear shit that Scott Storch...
if you look in the first two photos, on the right side of the lens you can see a brand but i can't make it out, looks long though so that could be a clue. speaking of his wardrobe; can anyone identify this jacket of his too?
He's rocked quite a collection over the last few years. The ones he's seen in lately are these two, they're the same brand (I believe?). Anyone happen to know what brand that is?
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