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Used for like a day. Just not for me. More info here: http://store.apolisglobal.com/event/store.item/itemGUID/0bf797d5-d58a-4b00-bab4-7a049e256c17/valueGUID/1b9d21cc-69ed-4e22-9f0e-bc374d15f79e/ 30$ shipped US.
I have a Zephyr 550 that has been sitting around without much use.It's a bluetooth audio speaker/speakerphone and mobile charger all in one. More info here: http://www.spar.com/zephyr-550.html Original retail is about 150. Does not come with original box. Comes with the unit, a 3.5mm cable, and USB + charger. There is a mark on one of the sides (unit came like this new). 70$ shipped US.
I used this for about 15 hours, but I no longer have any headphones that use them. Uses 2x Tenergy rechargeable batteries. You can use a standard 14-20VAC adapter to charge it. Does not come with an AC adapter. http://www.jdslabs.com/item.php?fetchitem=O2Full $100 shipped US. 80$ shipped US.
Bought this new from Mission Workshop but it is too small for what I need it for. Used once, and pretty much new. Color is Black. 110$ shipped US. http://missionworkshop.com/products/bags/backpacks/rucksack/sanction.php
I got these from eddievddr10 for a steal, and thus will pass the savings on to another member + shipping. They are labeled as size 10. Please know your size in these. In my opinion they fit like a 10.25. Worn indoors a few times but decided to grab some longwings instead. Ships in a generic shoe box, shoe trees not included. 315$ shipped CONUS.
Here is something Hughes made for me. Just amazing. .
http://www.filson.com/products/zippered-tote-bag.70261.html Pretty much new. Used once. I bought a black one so getting rid of this one. CONUS shipping free.
LOL, sorry Spoo but I just had a great laugh at your e-expense. But in all seriousness, those shoes are truly
10D US most shoes
Just trimming down a few pairs. I never seem to be able to wear through everything I have, although I always buy more...
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