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I'll put this here before I throw it on eBay. Macbook Air 2014 11.6" i7, 8GB Ram, 512GB Flash Storage Model is MF067LLA. 11.6" Screen, 512GB Flash Storage, 1.7GHz Intel i7, 8GB of memory. I bought this brand new from an authorized retailer for my wife but she needs something larger. There's less than 8 hours of use on this, and is pretty much brand new. Warranty is good until July 20, 2016. Comes with original box and accessories. Has a palm guard protector installed....
I dont have any other AE shoes at this time, but here is a visual comparison against various makers. While the finishing is not anywhere near EG, the pair that I have is finished well and better than the Carmina I have. The 1943 last is probably AE's most elegant last to date, one that can compete.EG 82, Vass F, AE 1943, EG 89, Carmina Rain
Vass U Last Medallion Oxford Oxblood 43 Has some scuffs on the toe box but plenty of life on the sole. U last size 43. Color is oxblood. Comes with shoe trees, but no box or bags. Fits like a US 9.5 to me, but as a US 10 to some people. $260 shipped CONUS.
Size 10. I took this picture at an odd angle but if you look at Garland's post of his pair you will see a better representation of the medallion size.
The Cornwallis is surprisingly elegant. Definitely a winner here.
They drape like light weight wool trousers. Mine are unlined.Slightly scratchy but nothing crazy. Mine doesn't wrinkle much and is very easy to iron.
120s Wool / Poly fabric is awesome. Need more colors, ASAP.
Alden Tanker Boots #8 Shell Cordovan Crepe Sole 9.5D Military Last (379X) aka Alden 45040H I literally just got these from eBay but they just don't fit me well. They look to be well cared for and barely worn. They were originally seconds from TheShoeMart, and the only cosmetic defect I can find is a slight discoloration/run on the side of a boot. Size is 9.5D and on the Military Last, which fits similar to the Barrie Last but with less volume (narrower in the waist)....
Here are 3 brand new Vanda Fine Clothing pocket squares for sale. Price for all three is $65 shipped CONUS. Was going to be used for a wedding but we went with darker colors.
Got these for a friend but decided to go with brogues instead. http://andrewlockshoes.com/collections/83313-benchgrade-shoes/products/389942-the-double-monk Size listed is 8.5 EU but they fit as 10 US. Brand new, benchmade in Spain. Goodyear welted with half rubber soles. Saddle calf upper. Color is brown with a red tone. $95 shipped CONUS.
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