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One or two are not, but mostly Vanda.
My only tie regret thus far is not picking up the navy striped seersucker back in 2013.
Ring Jacket Kamakura Shirt
No size selection available for the ecru/white?
Don't have the original tags but this was never worn. Tagged size is large. $80 shipped CONUS. Chest measurement is ~20" but has a good amount of stretch.
Eidos Kamakura
I sized down to a 46 FJ and the 48 Trapunto fits similar I guess. It definitely fits slimmer than a same sized FJ.My 48 Trapunto has the following measurements - ~18" shoulders, ~20.5" chest.
@NickPollica Did anyone else pick up the Gelasio Shirt Jacket?
Easily a Spring favorite.
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