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Both are sold. Here are 2 Eidos Napoli Suits for sale. Suits have some wrinkles from storage, but otherwise are in new condition. It seems like I picked up more than I need. Often times I pass these deals along at a loss, because someone somewhere did me some favor and saved me some time. Please don't get mad at me if you make me an outrageous offer and I don't sell to you. 1) Eidos Napoli 2 button Tipo model (36R) in a light grey houndstooth. Fully lined and fabric...
Strathtay by Inverallan Falloch Cardigan Size 40 (21" Chest). NWOT, originally purchased from End Clothing, just something I probably won't ever get to wearing. 100% Scottish Lambswool Expertly Hand Knit Raglan Shoulder Shawl Collar Full Wooden Button Closure Two Lower Pockets Chunky Ribbed Cuffs, Hem and Collar Made in Scotland $100 shipped CONUS.
Oh my word... http://www.barneys.com/eidos-basket-weave-safari-jacket-504436732.html
The 3R2 jackets I've gotten at Saks were all Tenero, but unsure if any are Tipo.
I actually like that large scale herringbone better than the glen plaid listed above! I believe they carry the brown glen plaid in store if you are looking for it. They probably have both and got confused...My favorite cut is the Tenero, but the Balthazar isn't bad. It fits pretty much like a shorter Tipo w/ less detail, which is great for something casual.
This blazer sweater(?) at Nordstrom is full of win.
Been patiently waiting for a vendor to carry the Trapunto jacket in my size... even tried checking out on the scrapped e-commerce site, lol.
2) Shibumi beige floral printed wool tie. 100% wool, 3-fold hand rolled. 59" x 3.5" (9cm). This tie is brand new. I just received it but it's more substantial than I like. Actual tie is slightly lighter/brighter than image below. This tie is nicely lined. $34 shipped US. Vanda is sold. 1) Vanda blue w/ red & white stripe silk-linen grenadine tie. This tie has some small snags on the edges but is in excellent condition. 57" x 3.5" (9cm). $50 shipped...
I have a Norwegian Rain Biker in Mixed Grey in Medium for sale. I've worn it once and the only reason I'm selling is to pick up something without a liner. Chest measurement - ~23" Notable features - Elongated biker jacket Shawl collar w/ shearling Integrated quilted wool liner http://babyandco.us/products/biker-coat?variant=10750992131 http://norwegianrain.com/products/biker $330 shipped CONUS.
They do run shorter than my other shirts and have a BOC length of around 27-27.5". I think they also look shorter because of the curved hem. Personally I haven't tried tucking them in, but maybe I should. I don't wear them with sport coats or anything like that.Edit - BOC for 15.5 shirt.
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