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The C&J Finsbury is not a handgrade shoe, but it is damn sexy.
All three are brand new. The RLs may have been tried on in the store, but I dont see any major creaasing and the soles are new.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey What do the Loakes measure? From the bottom, 12.125" x 4.25."
I have one extra pair each of RL Stanton and RL Sullivan shoes for sale. RL Stanton are dark brown in 10D (perfed cap oxford). Comes with original box and bags. RL Sullivan (plain toe oxford) are black in 10D. Comes in a generic box and original bags. Both are brand new. Sullivan SOLD. Stanton SOLD. They measure slightly over 12" x 4.20" http://www.picturethreads.com/temp/rlstsu1.jpg ----------- Also have a pair of Loake Exeter in a dark burnished brown. These are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trojanman74 soaped where did you get a pair of grants? I actually got them a few months ago. I just happened to find the picture on the card w/ the new ones.
FWIW, their sized (S/M/L) sport shirts run large for me. M equates to about a 16-16.5/34-34.5
no more shoes for a while... Thanks to member william for the heads up on the EG Warwicks EG Warwick, RMW Craftsman in 1st pic. EG/RLPL Grant in 2nd pic.
I think he meant he wished for them to be smaller by .5 rather than you wanting them to be larger than .5.
I believe they are Alfred Sargent, made for Brooks Brothers under their Peal & Co. brand.
woodlore epic shoe trees now included.
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