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the modified wingtip, adam, or timothy at 203.40 would be insane
Looks like AS, EG??? (i'm lost on this one) for PS (last 89, 10). Going to need some love, but 15$ starting bid (85$ BIN). http://cgi.ebay.com/Paul-Stuart-benc...QQcmdZViewItem Alden cap-toe in black shell (9016), 10 C/E Hampton last, not labeled as shell. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA:IT&ih=003
I looked at the title and immediately thought johnny_flapjack gorgeous color!
If you are looking to buying any of the BB shell shoes, the discount is probably worthwhile; 25% off too.
Those EGs are
That was the official sample sale, but unofficially the linked worked for a very very long time until recently. Not working for me either anymore, I think it stopped sometime 2 weeks ago. Quote: Originally Posted by element02 I think the sample sale ended a couple of weeks ago.
Sorry no shell in here . AE Mora chocolate suede in 10D. SOLD These are slightly imperfect (1 of the buckle bars is reversed on the left shoe). The bar doesn't affect performance, just makes it slightly harder to buckle. These will come with Woodlore epic shoe trees, and some random box, well packaged. Worn once, they just don't fit me well. They have tongue pads installed. Size is 10D, but feels like a full 10.5D. Measurements from bottom of sole: Heel to toe:...
Sacrifices must be made . I will always have shell, but in moderation! I'll be responding to PMs late tonight in the order received. I'm out right now. Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive You're getting rid of some fine shoes soaped, you losing the shell fever?
I've tried to reply to as many PMs as I could. If you did not receive a PM then you were maybe 4th or 5th, or the shoe you were inquiring about was already sold to the previous or first taker. Probably the last pairs of shoes I will be selling for a while. I've got replacements coming in for these so they have to go. These are Alden Cigar Shell Chukkas (10.5D, Barrie Last), 1st quality. Worn about 3 times. These don't get worn much because this last is huge. They fit...
Polo RL Darlton wingtip bluchers, size 10.5D. Genuine shell cordovan. Got these a while ago, but never wear them. They've probably seen 6 hours of wear or less. Measurements from bottom of sole are: heel to toe: 12.75" width: 4.5" Tongue pads are installed, but can be removed. SOLD ---------- C&J Westfield in Tobacco Suede, 10E UK I got these from Ebay from the following seller: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=110253062236 I'm just passing the savings...
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