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Quote: Originally Posted by hyudef Pardon my ignorance (new member), what code is that? friend60 25% off.
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr so is the consensus that friends and fam wont be workin on these The F&F code does work on clearance items.
Brooks Brothers/Alden LHS (leisure hand sewn) loafer. I got these from Distinctive recently and have decided to sell them. These are brand new, but have been tried on. On Van last, in #8 shell cordovan. Comes with original box, no shoe trees. Measurements are 12 x 4.25" They fit very similar to a 10D. Looking for 315$ shipped US. SOLD Will throw in the Loakes in this thread for free:...
Looks like both are available again, big price drops.
I'll be listing these on ebay if there is no interest... Both have very little wear. There are no scuffs or scratches on the suede. RM Williams Craftsman, 9.5G in a dark chocolate suede. US sizing is between a 10D and 10.5D. Measurements: ~12.375" x 4.375" Includes original box, no trees or bags. Looking for $100 shipped US. SOLD ----- Loake for CT in brown suede, Dainite sole. US size 10D, fits true to size. Measurements: ~12.25" x 4.25" Comes with generic shoe...
Everything is right about this one, except the size
RL BLACK Label 40R navy stripe blazer. 149.99 BIN http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-RALPH-LAUREN...QQcmdZViewItem Ferre 38R Suit w/ soft shoulders... 149.99 BIN http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-GIANFRANCO-F...QQcmdZViewItem This seller also has a bunch of other Canali sport coats... awesome seller and genuine items.
Clean the dirt off with a damp cloth and then with a brush. You can try buffing with silk or felt without conditioner or wax, usually gets the job done for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by DapperDave http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lt_color=Brown Didn't copy correctly. Sorry. Those are made by AS.
Quote: Originally Posted by scruff cough*38r sportcoats*cough. FIXED
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