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Also selling some Alden unlined chukkas in 10D (dark brown suede). There is a small 1/2" scratch on the toe of the left shoe (see picture below). Fits true to size (10D), on Leydon last. These are 1st quality. I wore them 3 times, so these are almost brand new. Very comfortable shoe, but slightly too small for me. Measurements from bottom of sole are: ~4.25" wide ~12.25" long SOLD US (retails for 350 from Alden). I don't mind taking paypal.
price reduction
whoever is a size 8 US, the starr is an excellent deal.
See below for Alden unlined chukka in 10D (dark brown suede) (SOLD). Also, see below for Polo 38R cashmere sport coat (SOLD). AE Bristol, 10B (SOLD). I like it, but this is the one model that will not fit me no matter what size they are. Allen-Edmonds Bristol Slight irregular from AE store on ebay. There's some slight creasing at the vamp from shop-wear, otherwise brand new. size 10B, color black. Measurements from bottom of sole: heel-to-toe: 12.25" widest width:...
pm sent on #5
there's nothing wrong with being a basket case with OCD. Especially if you are the shoe fairy...
I've seen #8 range from a blood red to almost a dark brown with burgundy highlights. That being said, I have a LeatherGoodsConnection Dress Harness belt in dark brown that matches #8 pretty darn good.
Selling a 38R RL Purple Label sportscoat. I purchased this NWT on ebay, but don't think I will ever wear it. It is a medium weight silk/linen (51%/49%) sportscoat with a good amount of texture in the fabric (I tried to capture it the best I could; see picture below). I've taken the tags off and tried it on a few times, but the chest pocket is still basted. Will come with 2 extra buttons (1 coat, 1 sleeve) in a grey RLPL felt pouch. Measurements: Dual vents Chest:...
Here are a lot of pants that I have never worn because they are all too big in the waist. They don't have tags but are brand new. Colors are grey w/ blue stripe, charcoal w/ grey stripe, taupe/olive, and charcoal with thicker grey stripes. The Merona's are 97% or 100% wool, and the PF is 96% wool/4% cashmere. Take the whole lot for SOLD shipped US, paypal is fine. Ebay preferences under soaped22. Measurements for the Merona: Flat front, 32x32 tag, has a modern...
Based on the number. 97891 is the longwing in whiskey shell
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