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shit, your price drops caved me in. PM sent lol.
Shipping via USPS International Priority will cost about 36$, I'll cover the first 10$ of postage so it will cost an additional 26$. I'm sorry I don't have Google checkout setup at this moment. Quote: Originally Posted by jobro How much shipped to Western Australia? Google Checkout?
I have a pair of AE Bentons in 11B black. They are brand new seconds from AE. Slight mark on leather on the right shoe near the vamp & lacing, but black polish covers it up well. They have removable orthotic insoles, and have a vibram sole. Plain perforated cap-toe design w/ broguing. Leather is full grain. Will come with the orthotic insoles, allen edmonds burgundy cloth wrap, extra shoe laces, and original box. Shoe trees are NOT included. If you are size 10D-10.5D...
You are right, #8 shell. I don't know what I was thinking .
These are seconds from Alden purchased from Theshoemart. There's a ding on the welt where the heel meets the toe on the left shoe. It's on right side of the left shoe so it is not very noticeable (look at the second picture). Worn about 3 times, barely any creasing. Just making room for some new shoes. There are brand new tongue pads installed, I can remove them if requested. Shell cordovan in #8, size is 10E on the Barrie last. Measurements are: 13" long, and slightly...
They look like them to me. But it looks like you'll know for sure when you receive them . Quote: Originally Posted by Balthazar Yeah, I'm pretty excited about them, have been looking for a good workhorse business shoe for a while. So can anyone ID them, are they actually Connaughts?
very nice deal at 248$!
These are darn hard to find now, especially in this size. Looking for AE 10D or 10C in burnished brown leather. Maybe even a 10.5B. please PM, thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by drducky I would certainly ask the seller, but I assume the shoulders are actually 18.5" or poss 17.5 Some of the older Polo blue label suits/sportcoats are about 19.25" shoulder. This looks like an older model.
the problem with bulk shipping something like that to the US is definately going to be customs.
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