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No size selection available for the ecru/white?
Don't have the original tags but this was never worn. Tagged size is large. $80 shipped CONUS. Chest measurement is ~20" but has a good amount of stretch.
Eidos Kamakura
I sized down to a 46 FJ and the 48 Trapunto fits similar I guess. It definitely fits slimmer than a same sized FJ.My 48 Trapunto has the following measurements - ~18" shoulders, ~20.5" chest.
@NickPollica Did anyone else pick up the Gelasio Shirt Jacket?
Easily a Spring favorite.
Comes w/ sleeve buttons, tag picture will be added soon.
Here's one more. I wasn't paying attention and purchased this thinking it was an R, but it is not. Eidos Napoli Navy Mix Boucle Weave Tenero Sport Coat 38 Short Brand New. Tenero model, 3R2 button, double vent, natural shoulder, unlined (except for sleeves). Fabric is awesome. 55% silk, 45% wool. Tagged size - 38/48 C (short) Measurements - Shoulders 17" Chest - 19.75" Length (BOC) - 27.5" Sleeves - 24.75" $360 shipped CONUS. Will also trade this for an R length...
These have a raglan sleeve so hard to measure but from center back to sleeve end is around 32-33"
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