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I have a 3 eyelet model on a double Dainite that was made about 6 months ago that haven't developed any problems. But other than that these are my only pairs w/ a Dainite sole.
Thanks to @jokb for this make up. F last double monk w/ round buckles in oxblood, 270 goyser on a double dainite sole.
That one is from Saks. They call it "Check Wool Blazer".
Eidos Napoli Navy Linen Sport Shirt 15.5/39 Bought without really paying attention and fits larger than usual for me. New without tags. Current season. Tagged size is 15.5/39. 100% linen. Chest measurement is just over 21.5". $160 shipped CONUS
Same today...
I'm in... Team Mustard Matka.
As @FLW said - absolutely slays with blue and green. I have this model in several colors and the cognac scotch grain from NMWA is the most versatile.
Have one more for sale. This is a nice Ring Jacket navy blazer in a Loro Piana Four Seaons Super 130's 100% Wool fabric. Worn once, tagged size is 36/46, model 184. Patch pockets, double vent, 3R2 button stance, fully lined, soft shoulders. Measurements - Shoulders - 17.25" Chest - 20" Waist - 18" Length (BOC) - 28.75" Sleeves - 24" $300 shipped US. Add $30 for worldwide shipping.
My experience mirrors @tee84's.Slight sheen, wrinkles but has a soft hand. My elbows were stuck somewhere around 90 degrees for at least 5 hours today and that was the result. Wears a little warmer than I am used to but probably due to its 11 oz of awesome. Unless you already have something similar in texture like a raw silk blazer, I don't think you will be disappointed.Close up -
Eidos x NMWA chunky hopsack blazer. Apologies for the crap picture.
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