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Eidos x NMWA chunky hopsack blazer. Apologies for the crap picture.
I think as long as you aren't wearing black underneath you'll be fine. Line to knees to be safe. The texture and weight though are excellent for the price.
For anyone looking for a light-weight pair of summer pants, let me say that this fabric is money. http://custom.luxire.com/products/luxire-linen-off-white-linen-pant
Eidos Napoli Terry Knit Long Sleeve Polo Size Small Washed but never worn. Very cool slub/knit texture. Kind of like a sweater polo. Color is called indigo but it's more like a muted teal. Tagged size is small, but fits like a medium. Chest - 20.5" Length (BOC) - 27.75" $65 shipped US
Eidos Napoli 36R Navy "Donegal" Corduroy Suit Brand new. Interesting corduroy fabric. 100% cotton. 3R2 button, unstructured shoulders, only lined in sleeves, double vent, patch pockets. Pants are flat front with an extended closure. Chest - 19.75" Shoulders - Just over 17" Sleeves - 24.25" Length (BOC) - 28.75" Pants waist - 32" Inseam - Unfinished $300 shipped CONUS.
G. Inglese Denim Blue Cotton Pique LS Polo Shirt - Size 38 Brand new without tags. My nanny took the original box. I ended up going with a size 39 that a friend picked up from NMWA so this is for sale. $85 shipped CONUS. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/denim-blue-cotton-pique-long-sleeve-polo-shirts.html
For @gdl203, anything.
One or two are not, but mostly Vanda.
My only tie regret thus far is not picking up the navy striped seersucker back in 2013.
Ring Jacket Kamakura Shirt
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