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Mine have held up very well (machine wash & hang dry). They would probably work well in 3 seasons but definitely get them lined for colder weather.
These are the "Wool Rich Navy Pants," which is the equivalent of the wool/poly combo previously featured in grey. I wish I had ordered this fabric in tan too, which I am doing now, along with a pair in apple fresco.
Thank you @gdl203 and staff. Thank you.
Fabric is cool white linen cotton. This shirt has a split polo hem and a reduced length (~28"). The other measurements are the same as my normal shirt measurements. I don't wear my dress shirts skin tight so it works out for me. For future orders though I may increase armhole size and waist size a small amount to help with putting it on.The order number is 13825.
Need to get more of these popovers made... too good.
Thanks again @jokb. Vass antic cognac shell cordovan wingtip on P2 next to a pair of C&J cigar shell Marlows.
Thank you, I'm set on scarves for the rest of the year, or two, or three...
More closet cleaning - These were all worn once and laundered. 1) Brooks Brothers BB1 navy hounds-tooth shirt w/ cutaway collar. $35 shipped CONUS 2) Brooks Brothers BB1 (no labels) white oxford shirt w/ BD collar. This one has some beautiful MOP buttons. $35 shipped CONUS. 3) Howard Yount 15/33 white oxford shirt w/ BD collar & buttoned chest pocket. $30 shipped CONUS. 4) J.Crew Baird McNutt navy hounds-tooth linen shirt w/ BD collar slim fit size small. $30 shipped...
Barneys New York Reversible Leather Jacket Brown Leather / Slate Fabric Medium I wore this once, and has been sitting in my closet since. One side is Brown lamb nappa leather w/ zippered pockets. Other side is a blue/grey slate fabric w/ buttoned pockets. Hoodie is removable Chest measures ~23" $100 shipped CONUS.
All of these are size 38R, all are made in Italy. All of them have been worn once and dry cleaned, and have been sitting in my closet for some time. They average ~19.5-20" chest and ~18.5-19" waist. I can provide exact measurements if necessary. All the sleeves are about ~24". There is a slight stain on the seersucker jacket on one of the patch pockets, which should wash out. The price now reflects this. 2) RL Polo (Blue Label) Seersucker Jacket 38R, lightly padded...
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