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They are pretty easy to iron. Must iron but I don't remember spending much time on them.
Mine have held up very well (machine wash & hang dry). They would probably work well in 3 seasons but definitely get them lined for colder weather.
These are the "Wool Rich Navy Pants," which is the equivalent of the wool/poly combo previously featured in grey. I wish I had ordered this fabric in tan too, which I am doing now, along with a pair in apple fresco.
Thank you @gdl203 and staff. Thank you.
Fabric is cool white linen cotton. This shirt has a split polo hem and a reduced length (~28"). The other measurements are the same as my normal shirt measurements. I don't wear my dress shirts skin tight so it works out for me. For future orders though I may increase armhole size and waist size a small amount to help with putting it on.The order number is 13825.
Need to get more of these popovers made... too good.
Thanks again @jokb. Vass antic cognac shell cordovan wingtip on P2 next to a pair of C&J cigar shell Marlows.
Thank you, I'm set on scarves for the rest of the year, or two, or three...
More closet cleaning - These were all worn once and laundered. 1) Brooks Brothers BB1 navy hounds-tooth shirt w/ cutaway collar. $35 shipped CONUS 2) Brooks Brothers BB1 (no labels) white oxford shirt w/ BD collar. This one has some beautiful MOP buttons. $35 shipped CONUS. 3) Howard Yount 15/33 white oxford shirt w/ BD collar & buttoned chest pocket. $30 shipped CONUS. 4) J.Crew Baird McNutt navy hounds-tooth linen shirt w/ BD collar slim fit size small. $30 shipped...
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