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10D US most shoes
Just trimming down a few pairs. I never seem to be able to wear through everything I have, although I always buy more...
Both Sold, Thanks SF. These are priced for a quick sale. Shoe trees are not included. The Vass U-cap were worn less than 10 times (original owner was Slewfoot). They are in excellent condition. Size is labeled 44. Please know your Vass U last sizing as there are no returns. 430$ shipped US. The Porters are brand new. I had them pre-ordered and completely forgot about them. They are truly stunning, with the color being dark navy. Size is a standard US 10. 350$ shipped...
I'll be selling mine shorty, along with a few other pairs of my shoes; no reason in particular. Here's a shot of the navy Porter's with a few other pairs: Trickers Nottingham, Vass U-Cap, DC Lewis Porter, RLPL (EG) Peering.
I have a set of round onyx cuff links and studs for formal wear that was worn once. They are sterling silver and retail for $235. http://www.bluenile.com/sterling-silver-onyx-cuff-links_13934?&keyword_search_value=13934 110 shipped US.
I'll have some more picks up once I migrate to my new PC.
Take a look at the Loake Strand, or Tricker's Belgrave.
Look what came in the mail today. Navy Porters... David, you guys really have to make an adelaide in this last. PLEASE! Look at how clean the work is on the medallion.
I bought these a few months ago, but have never worn them. Peccary Gloves lined with alpaca wool. Size is 8.5. They are made in Peru and from a well known eBay seller. There are some natural scars on the palm of the gloves that do not affect use. 30$ shipped US. You will receive the pair on the left (black).
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