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The biker has an integrated liner. I can move around comfortably in it but am not so sure I could do that in a small. I do have a larger upper-body to leg ratio (read: skinny legs) though.
For anyone looking at the NR Biker, I highly recommend it. Here I am in a medium w/ mixed grey fabric. I have a sweater on underneath and am comfortable. The arms are cut high enough that I can feel the constriction. The pit to pit measurement on my biker is around 22.25". The quilted wool liner is no joke and this is probably the warmest garment I have by far. For reference - I'm 5'10" and normally 145-150 lbs but right now I'm at my skinniest. I take a small in most...
Eidos Napoli Beige Donegal Sport Coat 38R This one is unworn but altered in the sleeves. I ended up getting a blue herringbone model so am selling this one. The fabric has a slub texture to it and there are some areas woven that appear to have a vertical or horizontal line. Just pointing that out. Flecks are burgundy and white. Tagged size is 38R Tenero Sleeves - 24.25" Chest - ~20" Length (BOC) - 29" $340 shipped CONUS. $280 shipped CONUS
NR Bumfreezer, army green hopsack, done...
This is actually a Gitman Vintage shirt.
Repeat after me... I love Donegal tweed...
Here are 2 Kamakura linen shirts that I have never worn. Both were laundered but never worn. Tagged size is small. They measure ~20.25" chest. Sleeves fit similar to a 33.5. Grey is a cutaway collar, and the blue stripe is a button down. $40 each shipped or $70 shipped for both.
I didnt even know NMWA carried 9cm ties until I took a closer look today. I also assumed that the Sozzi knits being carried were all narrow until I took a closer look... just bought 2 of the 8cm!
Last order was 7 days to my door. Vista Blue Dress Stripes and Dark Grey Wool Rich pants.
Brand new - Inis Meain Brown & Green Marled Bull Wool Gansey Sweater Tagged Medium. Chest measurement is 21" $180 shipped CONUS.
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