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Here are 2 Kamakura linen shirts that I have never worn. Both were laundered but never worn. Tagged size is small. They measure ~20.25" chest. Sleeves fit similar to a 33.5. Grey is a cutaway collar, and the blue stripe is a button down. $40 each shipped or $70 shipped for both.
I didnt even know NMWA carried 9cm ties until I took a closer look today. I also assumed that the Sozzi knits being carried were all narrow until I took a closer look... just bought 2 of the 8cm!
Last order was 7 days to my door. Vista Blue Dress Stripes and Dark Grey Wool Rich pants.
Brand new - Inis Meain Brown & Green Marled Bull Wool Gansey Sweater Tagged Medium. Chest measurement is 21" http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/brown-green-marled-bull-wool-gansey-crewneck-sweater.html $180 shipped CONUS.
I purchased this from the outlet but the pattern is too similar to another suit I have. The pants have been hemmed and the waist taken in to. The jacket is unaltered and still basted. $280 shipped CONUS. This is pretty much exactly what I paid, so I'm just passing the savings along to one of our members... Will come with a suitsupply cover. Tagged size is 36R. Measurements - Pants waist - 15.75" Pants length (outseam) - 41" w/ 2" folded over Jacket chest -...
WWM Upland Jacket. Worn once and stored in the closet. Unlined, 3 button front, center vent, peak lapels, throat latch. Made in USA, 100% cotton. Measurements - Chest - 21" Shoulders - ~18" Sleeves - 25.75" Back (BOC) - ~28.5" $70 shipped CONUS.
Here are 2 sport coats for sale. The Ring Jacket is brand new and has never been worn. The Brian Hamilton has been worn once. Only alterations were to shorten sleeves to 24". 2) Brian Hamilton - nice medium weight wool, soft shoulder. Navy houndstooth pattern. Tagged size is 38R. Made in Italy (by Lubiam S.p.A.), 100% wool, 2 button, double vent. $100 shipped US. Measurements - Chest - 19.75" Sleeve - 24" Back (BOC) - 28.25" Shoulder - 17.25" SOLD 1) Ring Jacket -...
Cleaning some stuff out of my closet. I actually have three of these in different fabrics. I have never worn this one and am selling it mainly because I will probably never wear it. This one is made in China, but the details and construction are exactly like the one I have that is made in Italy. I believe the retail was somewhere around $1200. $90 shipped CONUS. Length from collar seam is ~32.5" Chest is just over 21". Hickey Freeman Horsey Jacket Navy Size...
NMWA, thank you for the Portuguese Flannel
Buttero Tanino Suede White 43. Fits like 10.5-11 US $120 shipped CONUS. These are brand new w/ box. There are some slight handling marks on the heel.
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