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The leather used in the army boot isn't like any of the grain leathers I've handled. It is extremely soft and pliable. The finish on my pair is excellent. The welt is a little more sloppy than I'm used to but not enough for me to complain. I don't even know if it was intentional because the overall look and feel is cohesive.I've handled Carmina with better finishing, and I've handled Carmina with much, much, much worse finishing. The last they use, however, is more...
I have 2 more Incotex Chino Lino pants for sale. The green one has been worn once, and the tan a few times. Tagged size is EU48. Waist measures ~15.5", inseam ~31", and outseam ~40.75". $40 shipped for both.
Yes, I took a 9UK and am mostly a 10US. The leather is extremely soft on both pairs, especially the Army Boot which came as a pleasant surprise.
Sorry about the quick and dirty pictures. I picked up the CK x Eidos Army Boot and the Jodphur Boot recently and they are absolutely awesome. Both fit the same, true to size.
Valstar Valstarino Navy Suede A1 Blouson 46/36 Perfect for summer, unlined. Condition is excellent w/ no pilling on the ribbing. Suede is in excellent to new condition. Probably has less than 3 wears. Tagged size is EU46 (36 US). Measurements - Chest - 20.25" Shoulders - 17.25" Sleeves - 25" Length (Total) - 27" $300 shipped CONUS.
Are there any shops other than Saks stocking the navy suede bomber? They seem to be out of 38/48... Edit - I spoke too soon, available now.
I have a bunch of Incotex pants and a pair of Mabitex pants for sale. Most of these were never worn but have some storage marks from sitting around next to cedar (which should come out with a wash). The Mabitex is sized 46, the rest are sized 48. All of them have a waist measurement between 31 and 32", and have been hemmed to an out-seam of ~40.5 to 41" (~31" inseam). There should be plenty of fabric in the waist to let out and I believe the pants have a blind hem with...
Thank you, I'm here to learn and improve...
Ring, Luxire, Vanda, Eidos, Vass
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