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PM me a mailing address and I will send you some.
Here are some items for sale that I've never worn. Please note that the pictures appear darker than real life (especially the suede vest, see tag picture for better color representation). Eidos suede fishing vest. Awesome piece but I haven't had a chance to wear this. I'm too afraid with kids running around. Tagged size is 38/48. Medium brown suede. I removed the tags but it has never been worn. Chest measurement is 20". $280 shipped CONUS. Cardigan is sold. Eidos...
Luxire Wool Rich Pants (Navy, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Tan) Size ~30/31 I have four pairs of Luxire pants made in their Wool Rich fabric (nothing to do with the company Woolrich). All have been worn 2-3 times and laundered and are in excellent condition. I ended up having them remade with a higher rise so these are for sale. These are flat front, have a button fly, extended closure, elastic adjusting waistband (Daks adjustors), rear pockets w/ buttons, no cuffs, and no...
Anyone know what cut this is? - http://www.henrybucks.com.au/store/Eidos-of-Napoli-Windowpane-Check-Sports-Jacket.html
I'm a huge fan of Eidos and wanted to bring up some QA problems I've observed from several pairs of pants/shorts that I've purchased. I'm not sure if all the casual pants/shorts are made at the same factory, but thus far more often than not I've received pairs with issues that weren't caught until I wore or washed them. They were easy to fix so I kept them but I wouldn't have expected any problems to show up at these price points. These were purchased brand new from...
I think I need that chive matka tie in my life.
I ended up taking TTS. Rise on a size 30 was 10".
It's a cream. Also be warned they fit slim as hell. I tried two on in Size 30 - one waist measured 29" and the other 30". I could barely get them on
8 Brand Suede A1 Blouson Made in Italy Size M Brand new w/ tags. Color is accurate on the product page and stock photo. The pictures I took show up darker than actual product. I believe this is one of Yoox's house label brands. Made in Italy and tagged size M. This has polyester fill/padding in it and is more like a fall/winter weight jacket. Product link - http://www.yoox.com/us/41552736BQ/item#cod10=41552736BQ Measurements - Chest - 22" Length (BOC) -...
Eidos Napoli Gelasio Shirt Jacket Plaid Cotton Flannel Size 38 Worn once and laundered. Pretty cool jacket, oversized fit. Fabric is a cotton blue plaid flannel. Chest measurement is ~22.5" Tagged size is 38. $45 shipped CONUS.
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