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Is it possible to let out the inseam and the sleeves by an inch or so?
Can you post the shoulder, sleeve, chest, length, waist, and inseam measurements?
Any room to let out the sleeves?
Are the sleeve buttons working or faux?
Are the cuffs working or faux?
Is there room to let out the inseam on the remaining suit?
I'd be interested if it's on the shorter side of 38r
Is this with french cuffs or button cuffs?
What tagged sizes are these?
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 what is the pricing difference like? i'm still searching for a new suit, is it worth waiting until last call? can you ever find zegna/tom fords in last call for under $1,000? I've never seen a Tom Ford at last call. First call might have them though.
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