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I tried the Brooks non-irons. They don't last very long. The collars, cuffs and the part where the buttons and button holes are fray quickly, exposing a white lining. Also, they look and feel artificial. In general, though, I still like Brooks Brothers. Like it, don't love it. But I've been learning a lot about other options lately from the people on this site and Ask Andy and might give Mercer or Gitman Bros. a try next time I need shirts.
Bought a suit for a new job and wore it the first day. While walking from the train station I tripped over my own foot and fell to the sidewalk, putting a hole in the trousers, not to mention bloodying a knee. Arrived for the first day's work with blood-caked hole in the trousers and a limp. I still have the suit. The tailor did a nice job fixing the hole if you don't look very closely.
Tassels make me think of the bells on a court jester's footwear.
My suits are used. I'd never buy used online because I want to sniff them. Got burned only once -- smelled OK in the thrift shop, got it drycleaned anyway, and after wearing it about an hour it really smelled. I find it's safer at high-end consignment shops, but you pay more. The thrift shops are worth the gamble if the price is low enough. I have two extremely nice wool trousers that I bought used. I don't buy used shirts or shoes. Aside from the hygeine issue, I want the...
I've bought stuff at Gentleman's Resale -- suits, blazer, ties, trousers. But I would not call it a "vintage" store. Most of the stuff is fairly new (and of high quality). When you say you are seeking "vintage shops," do you mean used clothing or do mean used clothing from decades ago?
The thing that's always kept me from doing it is, don't the trousers wear out faster than the jacket anyway? If so, wouldn't giving the trousers extra use speed this process?
Khakis are comfortable. They are adaptable. You can wear a t-shirt; you can wear a button-down collar, tie and blazer. They work better than wool in hot weather, especially in humidity or rain. They don't need dry cleaning. Moths won't eat them. They strike a nice balance between not trying and trying too hard; they are the canvas behind the artist's paint. When they start to show some wear they are still good for the most casual wear around the house. In prep...
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