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Hello. Money in hand, ready to paypal a seller. But, alas, no one to whom I can send my money. Please PM with 38S suits (IT 48C). Thanks!
I am skeptical to recommend him because I would hate for him to get too busy, but Nick at Executive Tailor on Richmond (near intersection at Weslyan, across from new Costco) is incredible. I've had him do everything from shirts to suits, and anything in between. The man is an artist.
If these are still available tomorrow I will consider cutting off my toes in order to fit into them.
Why not include 36S/37S/38S as well?
You were a 38 jacket and a 30" waist and you lost "significant" weight? Might be a good idea to hang onto the suits and hit the weights. I'm just saying ...
Viral is a great seller. Very good communication and ultra fast shipping.
Uk or US 8.5 on the shoes?
Can't you order this same bag on the Pratesi website for around 400-500 bucks? I don't see what all the fanfare is about.
No matter how much you kid yourselves, 12 is a high number for a 20 year old female. It is most likely indicative of the girl's self-esteem issues, in which case the person would be wise not to dump her - as she will likely be willing to withstand severe emotional abuse.
PM Sent
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