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Quote: Originally Posted by lefty alexsandr, there used to be a seafood restaurant along the road from the airport to downtown Singapore with a huge sign that read, "If it swims, we got it." Always thought that summed up the cuisine pretty well. I'll be passing through for about three hours and would love to load up on some of my favourite dishes. Anything close to the airport (or even at the airport) you can recommend? lefty There's a...
So, are those for sale to the good denizens of styleforum?
Technically Guam and Saipan aren't even in SE Asia but... Anyhow, if you (or anyone else on SF for that matter) happen to visit Singapore or pass through on transit, I'd be happy to entertain you for a bit. Not much to see, but LOTS to eat.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahblahblah Speaking of remaking the cuffs, what's the consensus on shirts with contrast (white) cuffs? I never really liked that look, but now I'm clearly in a position to be willing to learn to like them... It won't work with that particular patterned cloth, I think. Besides, white cuffs almost always come with white collars.
People lose cufflinks leaving them in the sleeves, people lose cufflinks left in their pockets. Do I see a pattern here?
Quote: Originally Posted by trajan do you mean young professionals working on wall street? I'm sure lawyers are doing great. --trajan One example, by no means isolated - Clifford Chance New York laid off their entire structured finance team a couple of months ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Marc Shale suit is practically free. You pay shipping and small handling/paypal fees. This is a well made suit. I'd be interested if you think it'll work as a sportscoat paired with chinos or slacks. Oh and if you can ship internationally at an affordable price as well...
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho outside of SF, bespoke shoes is also quite ridiculous. I have no trouble finding quality shoes that fit well. Same with bespoke ties, although not as trivial as the two mentioned. eh? bespoke ties?
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy SNIP Nice. Interesting, so it can work.
Those Cole Haan ones are nice, but the prices are rather steep...
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