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Quote: Originally Posted by bwonger06 You can also get SA's to apply the kicker to online orders... How would this work? Just call customer service up and place an order, and request the 30+15?
Oh, I'll pay $5 for a code if anyone is selling.
Geez, you'd think these would've sold by now. Aren't black park aves the most popular AEs of all time?
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Will you accept a barter? I have this nice tie - 100% cashmere, beautiful pink color...
So I'm kind late to the party, and I didn't receive an invite Anyone know if I can get into this online somehow? Call up cust service and whine?
Bump for looking.
Might be interested in #3 and #4 depending on price.
P.S. most of Singapore looks towards HK for everything, so things here are slightly backwards compared to HK. English + Mandarin only though, none of that Cantonese crap. Not sure if this is a consideration to you but Singapore is a nicer place to live. Less crammed and grimy and polluted.
Quote: Originally Posted by il_colonnello I took my cues from this thread too when I was there and while the result certainly fits my feet better than any OTR I've ever worn, I think the shape of the tip is not very elegant. Which is probably the main problem with just giving them a picture to copy: I think they look pretty fine! I noticed their shoe styles tend toward boxier toes, so I guess they were trying to reconcile what they know...
Good price, the 32GB 3G version ran me $800 including taxes. $50 premium is reasonable as hell considering the scalpers prices on eBay. I'm guessing these'll be snapped up in no time by international dudes.
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