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Fantastic prices. Shame I'm nowhere near slim fit
Ohhhhh those are nice. And at a nice price to boot! Measurements please? I'm about a 8 1/2 but I have slightly wide feet, these might work maybe?
2 quick questions - what material is it, and how warm/waterproof is it?
ygpm. dibs on both! I'm exactly between 8E and 8.5D so these'd fit me perfectly.
Wait. If insurance doesn't work then what's the point of buying insurance?
Here's something I don't get (from the IHT article): Quote: EBay also announced that it would no longer allow most customers to pay by check or cash, a change aimed at curbing fraud. How exactly does paying by check or cash promote fraud?
Quote: Originally Posted by Trojanman74 ...and then the rest i put towards buying myself a pair Good deal
Meh, nothing smaller than a 9 Sucks to have short (but fat) feet
Quote: Originally Posted by JeffsWood Also don't forget some fakes are real. IE they were made at the same place the real stuff is made, but just sent out the backdoor. Scary stuff. I visited a factory in China once that was doing that. You could see the stuff being handmade by minimum wage workers on the factory floor, then there was this backroom where you could buy 'overrun' stock.
PM Sent on Burberry's
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