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Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Can't say this is a problem. Cashflow inertia, or lack of it, is. ayup. if wishes were horses...
from what i've read about watches, high quality replicas can easily run into the hundreds of dollars. no idea what the replica pen market is like, but i'd imagine the high quality replicas do cost a pretty penny.
While the denizens of style form are somewhat discerning when it comes to good taste, the noveau riche of China are decidedly less so. "Hey, it says Gucci! Let me plonk down a large sum of money on something that's abysmally ugly, but what the heck!"
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon THat will change before your post count reaches triple digits I wish it could, but right now all I can afford are TP and CT shirts off ebay...
waitaminute, there's good bespoke shoes to be had in vietnam? am heading there in may, someone hit me up with addresses and details please?
Could I get measurements on the Burberry khaki polo? Or if you can't get measurements, roughly which lacoste size does it compare to? 5/6?
Quote: Originally Posted by MasterJohn Sorry. I know this is a common thread here, but I have to ask you guys for your wisdom. Hey, wisdom is meant to be shared, right? Sharing is caring!
Quote: Originally Posted by m_wave To answer OP's question these are silk knots.. there was a thread about them recently on here. This is funny, I read through like 10 posts without anyone ever mentioning it. And I was wondering how long it would take for everyone else to stop laughing at the poor guys who don't remove the label off the sleeves of their suits and answer the OP's question. But yes, my guess would be silk knots too. People...
Quote: Originally Posted by Francisco D'Anconia And from Will's blog: Twenty Great Clothing Books. Actually, I'll add Will's blog and Andy's Encylopedia of Men's Clothes at AAAC to the list of books, even though they're not books in the traditional sense. A day hardly goes by without a stop at Will's blog. [/size] WOW. I just saw will's blog and it looks fantastic. Added to my RSS reader!
I almost made a mess of myself scrolling through the pictures. damn, these are nice. now to convince myself that i need to spend $22 on a pair of socks.
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