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Geez, awful lot of stuff gone in just 2 hrs.
My feet hate my inadequately resourced pocketbook. They're really digging those RL captoes but alas...
Whats the sleeve length on the 15.5L dunhill shirt? Also, where'd the Burberry trench go
Dude, to bump things you gotta apply a significant (~10% or more) price drop. No free bumps here.
Could I get a close up on the pattern of #11, the blue Charvet please? Thanks.
PMed on Burberry trench.
PM sent on links.
You, uh, sorta kinda need to set prices for these...
Uhh. No way I'm going anywhere near G2000. On sale, you can pick up suits for as little as $80, which should give you some idea on the quality you get. No idea about their style/design/cut though, as I never go in there. If you insist on persisting in your folly I can hook you up, you gotta let me know what is it exactly you're looking for though.
Quote: Originally Posted by CBRYDR Anyone experienced with Gilt Groupe? What about them? They do have some nice stuff on occassion, but it can be a little hit and miss and for some brands can be a bit of a crapshoot.
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