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damn missed. can i ask how much they went for?
In my industry it's more of a question of when people leave, not if. I have plenty of colleagues who are doing various postgraduate courses, e.g. accountancy/business/cfa which are not actually related to our field. As long as it doesn't affect work performance, I don't think people mind. Oh, and I've learned to yawn with my mouth closed. I practice . My jaw moves downwards slightly, but other than that it's undetectable.
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy Definitely the sexiest organ shoes I've seen. When I play organ, I take my left shoe off. I either go barefoot, or just socks. I have a friend who wears something similar to those though. Where can I acquire shoes like those in the picture, and how much will they cost me? Are they specifically 'organ shoes'?
Quote: Originally Posted by hazett The fabric really is the key. If you want to avoid wrinkles, you have to go for non-iron shirts, or a twill weave, which is less wrinkle-prone. The cut won't help you very much. that's odd, i have a twill shirt which wrinkles like crazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia I have one. These days, I never give it a thought. At some firms, it's a box they make you check. Ours supports it, and it was a nice signal to send when I was interviewing out of business school. That's about it. Worth having, but it will be more productive to get a good MBA-- albeit at a greater cost in time and money. So you would say that its generally a better idea, finance-related-career-wise,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Violinist I checked and it looks like Cathay fly those routes. I wonder if Singapore does too? SIA does SFO - ICN, not LAX - ICN though. They also don't fly to China at all from the States, though they are trying to get a foot in the door. But I'm proud to say Singapore Airlines beats most other airlines hands down in terms of things like service, food etc. Most of the Chinese airlines are a bit dodgy, but I would...
This is kinda odd. The cheap price + high quantity of items set off warning bells in my head, as did the fact that a lot of the feedback the guy sells are from private transaction/items, but it all seems to be above board. Hmm.
Anyone planning to attend the new-fangled night race in Singapore in September? Look me up!
Is it true that they never ever work? I was feeling kinda adventurous today and paired a white shirt with thin pale blue stripes with a pink and silver diagonal striped tie. Ignoring the protests of the gf I wore it out. At work I asked a couple of co-workers if the combination worked and sadly, they all said 'No, not really.' Having learned from my sartorial mistake, I was wondering - is it ever possible to pair a striped shirt with a striped tie? Or is it always...
Quote: Originally Posted by hi-val It's a really awkward situation though. People with the money aren't likely to buy a counterfeit, and people without the money would never have bought the real thing in the first place. It doesn't take the money right out of MB's coffers if you buy a knockoff pen, but it does taint their image as one might not be sure if it's real or not. The textbook example of this is Louis Vuitton or Burberry. Their brands are tanking...
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