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This thread is exceedingly interesting. Thanks to all who contributed! My 2 cents worth... I'm from Singapore, and as a couple of the posters in this thread have alluded to, domestic help (we call them maids here) is extremely common here. I think we're the only country in the world where you can be lower-middle class, not own a car but still have live-in domestic help. These maids come from neighbouring countries in the region such as Indonesia and the Philippines, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by misterbowles I bought a tie from drizz and he shipped it ASAP and gave me a great deal. Good guy to do business with! - John Just got my stuff yesterday, got a great deal as well. Items were a little worse for wear after shipping but it's nothing a quick run through the wash won't cure.
dibs on all the polos if they are still available sent you a pm
Foobar does it for you seamlessly and it's a great music player too www.foobar2000.org
Quote: Originally Posted by Karo I would avoid Africa and probably SE Asia, but nowadays it seems that Singapore is beginning to go legit. 'scuse me! I am quite legit, thank you very much! And have always been!
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell I've shipped to South Korea about 6 or 7 times without a problem. I have also shipped to Brazil 5 or 6 times with no problem as well. I have never had to ship anything to Africa. Besides Canada, I have never had a problem with international shipping... Only Canada + UPS is screwy USPS works fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Almost always now. The things in my wardrobe don't last on the racks long enough for them to go on sale. On a somewhat related note, if I walk into a store advertising SALE and I something I like, it almost always is from a rack that says NEW ARRIVAL, and of course is not on sale.
Generally fakes look really good, so good that you can't tell they are fakes from a visual inspection. The moment you touch one though you can usually tell straightaway. Fakes feel cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt FWIW, this is what they look like on a cuff. Not that it will change the minds of the less enlightened here. So I get this feeling I don't really belong here (on styleforum). Almost all, if not all, the links pictured in this thread are anathema to me. I like the mass market sort
Interested in the H&K shirt, do you ship internationally? And I'm guessing the RL one doesn't have french cuffs right...
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