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Am toying with the idea of trying a couple of shirts off an internet tailor. Jantzen seems tempting but all these stories about orders disappearing down a black hole make me slightly wary. Anyone tailor from both places before and care to offer a comparison?
oh good grief look at what it sold for.
I don't think so. As long as you can show that you shipped the item from your country of origin, I don't think they're going to be anal. The government is pretty keen on foreigners coming here to work so I doubt that customs will make life difficult for them. Although I haven't exactly been in your shoes since I'm local, over the years I've shipped all sorts of stuff in and I haven't ever had problems with customs.
Hey, Generally import duty isn't charged on bringing in goods, only the local version of VAT, called GST, is charged. It's currently at 7%. But if you can prove that you are transferring your place of residence to Singapore, you can apply for an exemption. Check out details at http://www.customs.gov.sg/leftNav/tr...+Singapore.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by Jelly or Syrup is being a dentist really that lucrative? orthodontist, perhaps.
Looks dodgy. Anyone else reminded of the plethora of fake Paul Smiths coming out of China?
If I could wake up earlier, I could do so much more. As it is from the time I crawl out of bed to the time I head out the door I have 20 minutes max, so I'm limited to the bare minimum. Brush teeth, shave, wash face, *poof*.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Is not having a car in Singapore like not having a car in NYC? Traffic here is somewhat better than downtown manhattan. I guess if you work in the city but live in the suburbs, the local version of the subway (we call it Mass Rapid Transit) and buses here are pretty efficient, you just have to squeeze like a sardine during rush hour. But the reason why more people don't own cars isn't because of...
sigh, at $15 these are a steal. now, if only i could find a way to increase my size by an inch and a half.
okay so - whats the best way to avoid getting hit on currency conversions?
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