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Good price, the 32GB 3G version ran me $800 including taxes. $50 premium is reasonable as hell considering the scalpers prices on eBay. I'm guessing these'll be snapped up in no time by international dudes.
Quote: Originally Posted by S. Paul Just got a super fast response from the mods, guess my post was reported with "too small a price drop", looking at it again the drop was about 4.5% so whomever is doing some policing is very stringent...I will definitely keep anything in that 5-10% range going forward. SP Kudos to the mods for their response, but whoever reported you was just being anal and militant. Geez.
So basically you pay $20 to get stuff at an additional 15% off the discounted prices? Or is the $20 to get first dibs?
I want to see the answers to the shirting quiz!
Quote: Originally Posted by greg_atlanta The most attractive cell phone is invisible.... small enough to fit your front pocket, even if your pants are snug. Yay for slim flip phones, boo for smart phones. The RAZR was quite possibly the only thing moto made worth a damn.
Everyone sized 9 who has not purchased these ought to be shot. Grr. - Regards from my exceedingly envious 8.5 feet
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Yeah. I know. That's why I am upset. I need a pair of the shell model in 8.5. I haven't found a pair in 8.5 for a reasonable price (reasonable for a student). I like your attitude Urgh from me too, been wanting a pair of black wingtips for a while now but recently picked up a pair of AEs instead. Boo me. On the bright side, they were half the price of these.
Quote: Originally Posted by trader stop reposting this every day. obviously nobody wants to buy your shit True story. Also, pro tip - price drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles y Although I don't like a lot of PP's policies, I honestly think they've been a godsend and realize that there are little to no alternatives. Which is half the problem, paypal can charge whatever they like and people will have no alternative but to continue using them...
I don't sell very much, but I do buy from time to time. If I PM the seller I like to post "PM Sent" to bump his thread as a show of support as well. Is this not allowed?
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