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So I've been working a couple of years and I make a decent amount. Instead of blowing my money on a nice car (I've been driving old beater for the past eight years or so), I discovered styleforum, so I've been blowing my money on nice shirts, pants, ties, SHOES () sportscoats and whatnot. By my guesstimate, I'm no better off now financially than if I had gone to buy a douchebag car right out of school. Although I do have an awesome wardrobe. Anyhow, all I'm saying to...
Why don't you just try and see if you can get $65 cold hard cash for your $98 polo.com credit?
Quote: Originally Posted by pxmanv added ties PMed on the gingham
PMed on Burberry grey tie and Drakes light grey tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Note to sellers: There are about 2000 unique visitors per day browsing the site, so if you don't list your item, you're missing out. Ya rly. Listings are all 13/14 days old wtf?
Sports shirts today at BB, all the ones I want are out of stock in my size though
Am interested in a pair of monks, but need to know more about fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrPsycho Hiya, fellas. Just got this E-mail 30 minutes ago from Brooks Brothers... Today only (Sunday, June 12th) Save 30% on Men's Tailored Clothing (suits, sport coats, blazers, trousers, dress outerwear) It looks from their website like they're planning a series of different one-day sales all week. Doc. Looks like shoes are coming on Tuesday, hope the discount is significant. Thanks.
PMed on the monks.
^^ this. Interested in #1 and #2 which sound awesome based on descriptions, but the photos don't do the descriptions justice.
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