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Speaking of unauthorized purchases..
Ohai [[SPOILER]]
Sometimes the thrill of the chase is more exciting than the actual kop. Been randomly going into pre-owned dealers looking at Pepsis, Cokes, two toned subs and gmts for a couple of weeks. Once the kop has occurred there'll be no more excuse to do so.
One day I will kop a Patek Philippe. Preferably an annual or perpetual calendar in yellow gold. Then I will look after it for the next generation.
At the other end of the spectrum, a dial that doesn't say anything at all.. (I realize the California dial isn't everyone's cup of tea but that isn't the point here..) (Also interestingly 47mm isn't as big as it sounds)
"Superlative chronometer" always amused me. No matter how "superlative" an automatic movement is it'll never be as good a chronometer as, well, a $200 seiko with a quartz movement in it.
The Nautilus has never quite appealed to me. I know they probably share some DNA, but I feel the Royal Oak just does everything.. better. I tried on a friend's 5711 recently and it felt overall quite meh to me. At least it looks better than an Aquanaut though..Besides, I paid significantly less for my 15400 than my friend did for his 5711 - the difference is enough to buy a sub with some cash leftover
Thank you as always for your thoughts, Dino. Unlike many of you in here, I am only near the beginning of my horological journey, and to paraphrase someone (I forget who, and the context) from some pages back, perhaps I should spend more time reading than posting.I should say though that the first ALS watch I came across was the Lange 1, and I was entranced by the grand date, so in my mind the brand will forever be assoiated with the oversize date window. Maybe in time they...
Agree. I personally always associate ALS with the oversize date display.
Congratulations good sir. Which version did you wind up getting in the end?
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