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My trusty Yachtmaster. Apologies for the somewhat grainy cellphone pic.. The current object of my lust.
For perpetual calendars, don't they just have to be accurate to 4 years only to account for leap years? Or am I missing something..
Watch porn indeed.
Would never in a million years consider Hublot, but randomly wandered in to a local watch place, saw this and fell in love: http://www.amazon.com/Hublot-Classic-Fusion-Automatic-542-CM-1770-RX/dp/B006BQ1N3U/ Nowhere near the somewhat oversized dimensions of the regular Big Bangs, it looks surprisingly understated and classy in person. Hmm. Thoughts?
What is wrong with the fit? What is your usual size?
PMed on #1 and #4
Oh the irony. Thailand is actually a hop skip jump away from where I am now, but am flying halfway across the world to get to the Caribbean...
All right SF, time to tap your collective wisdom. I'm looking for specific recommendations for a holiday destination for two in the Caribbean. Not too fussed about the location, just that it be reasonably accessible from Miami or thereabouts, with regular commercial scheduled air service. What I'm after is the type of resort - I don't want those gimmicky all-inclusives, but rather am after something a little more secluded. Villa with a private (preferably infinity) pool,...
For you guys that get up at 430 or some similiar godforsaken time before the sun - what time do you get to bed, and how many hours of sleep do you need/get a night?
I would say the big three markets are China (and as a subset, Hong Kong), Korea and Japan. To a lesser extent, Singapore. And consequently, if you can speak fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese, armed with a half decent JD and NY qualification you should be able to set up interviews at least.
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