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Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 While the iPad 2 seems like the industry standard, I really do feel that I need something better or at least something different since I already have an iPhone and an iTouch. I feel that the iPad 2 might be redundant but if the Samsung or HP doesn't measure up well, then I'll try and get an iPad 2. To be completely accurate, the iPad created the standard. Before the iPad was released, everyone was like,...
So I've been working a couple of years and I make a decent amount. Instead of blowing my money on a nice car (I've been driving old beater for the past eight years or so), I discovered styleforum, so I've been blowing my money on nice shirts, pants, ties, SHOES () sportscoats and whatnot. By my guesstimate, I'm no better off now financially than if I had gone to buy a douchebag car right out of school. Although I do have an awesome wardrobe. Anyhow, all I'm saying to...
Why don't you just try and see if you can get $65 cold hard cash for your $98 polo.com credit?
Quote: Originally Posted by pxmanv added ties PMed on the gingham
PMed on Burberry grey tie and Drakes light grey tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix Note to sellers: There are about 2000 unique visitors per day browsing the site, so if you don't list your item, you're missing out. Ya rly. Listings are all 13/14 days old wtf?
Sports shirts today at BB, all the ones I want are out of stock in my size though
Am interested in a pair of monks, but need to know more about fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrPsycho Hiya, fellas. Just got this E-mail 30 minutes ago from Brooks Brothers... Today only (Sunday, June 12th) Save 30% on Men's Tailored Clothing (suits, sport coats, blazers, trousers, dress outerwear) It looks from their website like they're planning a series of different one-day sales all week. Doc. Looks like shoes are coming on Tuesday, hope the discount is significant. Thanks.
PMed on the monks.
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