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After reading this my main takeaway (other than how amazing Rolex is, which I think we all know and can agree in) is that I. Want. A. Daytona.And this is from someone who doesn't even particular like chronos.
Can't speak for future releases, but this one is still pretty reasonable - $3,500 or thereabouts.
The blue starburst dial they have on the oyster perpetual and DJs. Would kop in a heartbeat.
At least they called it the Moonwatch and not Moonmaster.
I see your Aston Martin and raise you... Singapore Airlines???Instead of Hong Kong at GMT +8 which is used in the regular Hometime, Singapore is used, which makes it vaguely interesting, but that co-brand thing makes it look like a cheap corporate gift or at best, a souvenir watch you can buy inflight shopping.
Yep. I think they take some ridiculous number of man hours (and these are expertly skilled man hours mind you) to make. Though I suspect, like most high end goods, the increase in cost does not entirely account for the staggering premium you have to pay.
On the tourbillon model they moved the hands up to accommodate the tourbillon. Or something like that. Its the same deal for the patrimony tourbillon as well: Of course, for the price of a tourbillon I could buy a small house, so I will thankfully not have this problem.
Never been a fan of non-round watches - in my head a watch must be round! - so never got into the reversos and santos. But this is interesting. Must get into a VC boutique and try one out. Not the tourbillon version of course though.
Thoughts on the case shape?
AP RO, choose your size, the blue dial is amazing.
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