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true, except that slog it out = 100 hour weeks, being yelled at by everyone else since you are the bottom of the food chain, no life, a permanently brown nose.
This whole homage / replica topic has been discussed to death on other threads around here, and it seems like most people have strong opinions one way or the other, but since the topic of subs and Tudors came up (and being mindful that this is a watch pr0n thread, after all), where does this sit on the scale between FAKE -- HOMAGE -- REAL DEAL? While the price differential between a Sub and a Pelagos is somewhat less than between a Sub and any other homage/fake, your...
how/where to kop!?!?
The thickness (or lack thereof) of the PIaget tourby is insane.
Back >>>> front..
Excuse me while I exit in the direction of the Poor Man's watch thread.
I've only watched half of season one but:Whats real:- your partner (i.e. your boss) yells at you for no reason, gives impossible deadlines, expects you to know everything there is to know about your files- you generally get to brief your partner while he is in transit from one place to the next- document review is a pain. and then some.Whats unreal:- you (i.e. the rookie associate) can waltz into your partners office, can talk back and be generally disrespectful without...
Somewhat late to the party but am signed up!
This is nice. Details?
I like the caseback but I find the face a tad too noisy for my tastes.
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