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To back up a few pages, if no one other than Rolex USA are allowed to import Rolexes, how do grey market dealers (Jomashop, etc) get theirs?
Why'd you do that! He was my captain for the first two matches and I was dumb enough to make Sturridge my captain this weekend (vs Spurs, sure to be a landslide win) but I would never have taken him out..
While the collar is the right size gorilla length arms means my outlay will probably be double the BIN taking into consideration tailoring costs.
Are my eyes are failing me or does the IWC Ingenieur look a lot like the VC Overseas? Poor man's edition of course. Also, there's something about that two tone Sub. Normally I'd stay far away from YG but in that combination with the blue..
Oh wow, just read through this. Maybe its time to do Christmas shopping for the wife.
Don't get me wrong - I'm totally a many watch guy - but some would argue that a do everything watch is the be all and end all, good for wear 24/7 365. No need for a diver a pilot a formal watch etc etc.
#5 in Stylish Gentlemen - can only go downhill from here.
Yes, exactly. We have an 11 month old and she is very careful about jewelry and anything dangling but she will wear a watch to work to accessorize when appropriate. Or something like that.Thanks on the Cartier recommendation, will check that out.
Probably blasphemy to bring it up in here, but is quartz ever a viable option? Not asking for myself (the answer is a resounding NO) but my wife is annoyed that her watches stop every time she doesn't wear them for a couple of days so has requested that the next watch I get for her (birthday coming up in a month or so) have a quartz movement. In the alternative I could get something from Chanel or Dior or what have you, but I'd much rather drop the 5 grand or so on...
Can I recommend the Heritage Black Bay? Sub lookwith Tudor pricing. I have the 2012(?) red version but the new blue one is pretty sweet too.
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