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Don't quite like the second hand on the first one - reminds me of a snake - and how does the second one work??
Quick straw poll. Yellow gold in watches: 1.Never 2. Will consider two tone 3. Okay if it's done tastefully 4. BRING ON THE BLING Ever since I've gotten into nice watches it's been option 1 but recently I feel drawn to a few models. Not quite at option 4 yet but options 2 and 3 are definitely possible.
Upon further reflection, if I were to stumble upon the PP at Goodwill or at an estate sale I feel that I could consider adding it to my rotation.
I don't think I could stomach going around with a watch with a lug I knew was soldered back on.
That LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm find in Goodwill makes for a better story.
What about the rest of Asia?
That needs a spoiler tag. Not for the faint of heart.
Doh. I meant to say bezel and not dial.Which is why, seeing photos of it on here and elsewhere, I wasn't particularly impressed. Seeing it in person though, I was smitten.
Oh wow so there is a noticeable difference after all. Although can I just say, most, if not all, pictures of the BLNR do not do it justice at all (not saying your photos aren't good enough!). That dial just does not photograph well.
Continuing in the same not-a-Lange-but-quite-nice vein..
New Posts  All Forums: