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I fully endorse these (possible) fakes: [[SPOILER]] (NSFW!)
Good thing a bunch of real Pateks, APs, Rolex is totally within your means.
I'm no expert either, but I could've sworn there was another photo with a sub (which ShawnBC refers to in his above-quoted post) which now seems to have been deleted. That one was definitely fishy to me. Also, on the TT RO, the screws are all misaligned. My 15400 and all other pictures of ROs I've seen have screws aligned regularly around the bezel.The date font on the day-date also looks odd, but there may be some vintage thing going on I'm not aware of.
You're forgetting the Chinese. Apple is huuuuge in China, and so is bling. As much bling as you can possibly squeeze into anything. I'm predicting a vast majority of the market for the Apple Watch Edition will be in China. Interesting data point, the Apple Watch's first modelling stint was on the cover of Vogue China.
Sorry I'm an idiot. I should've specified I'm looking only at rollerballs. I can't write with a fountain pen to save my life.
Probably a pen thread somewhere but I know you guys and someone probably has the answer to this question: Background. As advised I visited a couple pen boutiques over the weekend. Well, St Dupont, Montblanc and Cartier, the most convenient ones. I found Montblanc to be overdone and a bit tacky (I'm reminded of insurance agents and realtors). St Dupont had by far the smoothest writing experience but I liked the Cartier designs better. All felt pretty comfortable to write...
I hate traffic.
I kinda feel bad doing that, especially if I know I have zero intention of buying. I might try them on, but will probably not take a photo.Except at my regular AD where I know someone and will from time to time visit and say hi. She'll entertain me if she's unoccupied and it's a slow day.
I'm all for buying pre-owned, but that's all fine and dandy if you're going to get a steel Rolex (got a pretty good deal for a BLNR), but a little tougher if you are buying something a little less common, unless you are willing to wait. Although I buy lots of stuff pre-owned, so I may not be the best representative.
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