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I managed to place an order for 2 x 16GB earlier today (I think, approximately 5 hours after the advertised 12 noon PST restock time). This is after trying for a couple of minutes at noon on the dot, and giving up out of frustration It showed as being 2-3 weeks to shipping. The 8GB models were at 7 to 8 weeks.
That looks very nice. I'm not a member on WUS, but how do I sign up for preorders?
love the color of the dial
So I'm going to be doing the New York Bar Exam next July and am also taking the opportunity to take a couple months off work to relax / travel for a bit. The current vague plan is, to move to New York (or someplace in the region) sometime next April/May, take barbri and study on the weekdays, short road trips on the weekend, with the bar at the end of July and MPRE in mid-August, then move home after. Only problem is the possibilities and options are many, so would...
Love the slight whimsy on the date indicator.
true, except that slog it out = 100 hour weeks, being yelled at by everyone else since you are the bottom of the food chain, no life, a permanently brown nose.
This whole homage / replica topic has been discussed to death on other threads around here, and it seems like most people have strong opinions one way or the other, but since the topic of subs and Tudors came up (and being mindful that this is a watch pr0n thread, after all), where does this sit on the scale between FAKE -- HOMAGE -- REAL DEAL? While the price differential between a Sub and a Pelagos is somewhat less than between a Sub and any other homage/fake, your...
how/where to kop!?!?
The thickness (or lack thereof) of the PIaget tourby is insane.
Back >>>> front..
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