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Responses on wrist size are interesting. I'm at a hair over 7 inches, so probably pretty average as far as wrists go, but I find anything under 40mm too small. I have a 44mm Panerai (111) which I think is probably as large as I will go, and I think my sweet spot is probably between 40mm and 42mm. The 3 watches which consistently get the most wrist time - Yachtmaster (40mm), 15400 (41mm), VCO (42mm). I don't have anything smaller than 40mm. And yes I do realize design /...
I tried on the red grape a while back, and the white grape on Monday. Both looked a bit off to me. Much preferred it in blue or white. But of course moot point, 36mm looks tiny to me..Side question - what wrist diameter do you guys have that you can wear 36mm watches?
What do you want to buy? New or pre-owned? I know a couple of people..
Quoted for truth. I'm not sure how I went from "Just kopped in December and no more kopping to save up for grail" to kopping again in January. It's terrible, I'm thinking 'one more for the road'I hear February, so, go go go.
Anyone buy off chrono24 before? When they say "trusted seller" what does it actually mean? It doesn't seem to have user reviews the way eBay etc would, just 'retailer recommendations' which seems like a particularly incestuous way for dealers to promote each other.
Well the main reason I went with the 15400 over 15300 was size. Try as I might I can't get used to anything smaller than 40mm
The heritage perpetual calendar, also quite nice but showing it's uh, heritage, can be had for a comparative song.
I quite like the Mont Blanc Heritage Spirit line, though as someone said earlier in the thread it looks like it could've come from JLC. Also:
And I just thought I had dirty fingers.
Well I don't use any complications on a watch I own (no minute repeater!) so perhaps I am not sufficiently 'into' this hobby. I do mental calisthenics to convert time zones in my head (Sydney +3, London -8, New York -12), I kinda know the month/date/day of the week at the back of my head, I could care less about the current phase of the moon, etc etc. I guess for me its all about the aesthetics. And aesthetically speaking a chrono doesn't quite add anything to the watch...
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