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Very very nice.
Doh. You're right. I obviously fail at properly comprehending websites. Leather + nato it is then.
Leather or nato? Discuss.
If you were admiring the hairy arms instead of the watches, I have news for you...
Watches that don't have a round face disturb me. I know I'm probably in the minority but I'll never wear a watch with a face that wasn't round.
Awesome watch. The only difficulty I had was choosing the color of the face (I went with a black faced one in the end), but the white plus YG combination is exceedingly elegant as well.
do. want.
good things come to those who wait
Shiny new toy! In an ideal world, I would've gone with the 7 day power reserve, but ultimately decided I couldn't justify the additional cost. It could've gone a fair way toward my /next/ shiny new toy, but that's another story. I also took a long time deciding between the black dial and the white dial, and I would honestly have been happy with either, but a killer deal came along on a black dial so.. here we are!
Thanks for this guys. Unfortunately like I said, the earliest I can address this is in about 10 days time, unless I cut short my holiday, which I don't really want to (seeing as its my honeymoon and all.. the new mrs might not be too happy) but have opened the crown and let it sit indoors in sunlight, and am pleased to report that the condensation cleared up shortly after. First thing on my to do list when I get home is to make a beeline for the service centre though,
New Posts  All Forums: