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Yep. I think they take some ridiculous number of man hours (and these are expertly skilled man hours mind you) to make. Though I suspect, like most high end goods, the increase in cost does not entirely account for the staggering premium you have to pay.
On the tourbillon model they moved the hands up to accommodate the tourbillon. Or something like that. Its the same deal for the patrimony tourbillon as well: Of course, for the price of a tourbillon I could buy a small house, so I will thankfully not have this problem.
Never been a fan of non-round watches - in my head a watch must be round! - so never got into the reversos and santos. But this is interesting. Must get into a VC boutique and try one out. Not the tourbillon version of course though.
Thoughts on the case shape?
AP RO, choose your size, the blue dial is amazing.
This thread is dangerous like that. I woke up one day to find myself the (slightly sheepish) owner of a BLNR after spending too much time in here.On the question of dates, I never bother to set the dates on my watches. I know it takes all of 30 seconds, and I like to think its my small, unnoticeable effort towards "sprezzatura" but its probably just laziness.
As I like to ask my clients, what's your endgame? We like to chat about watches, admire each other's, argue about obscure minutiae from time to time. Do you want us to say "nice watches"? Even the fakes? So some random guy waltzes in and posts and bunch of watch pictures, some of which are fake, immediately stating off on the wrong foot. To add insult to injury he then goes on the defensive, before eventually coming clean. Thanks for the entertainment, but forgive us for...
Judging by the depth of your watch knowledge, geek for sure.
Thank you, as always, for sharing your vast treasure trove of watch trivia.Also - Casio calculator??! Nerd or geek?
I fully endorse these (possible) fakes: [[SPOILER]] (NSFW!)
New Posts  All Forums: