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I see what you did there.
I wish I had more higher end pieces in my collection. Actually, I wish I had a high-end piece in my collection.. Still building up and acquiring entry level pieces though. And I'm the kind of guy who would prefer 5 $10,000 watches to one $50,000 watch.
On a more serious note, where does one cross the line between sharing the pleasure of their collection and showing off? Also, true story: My other money sink hobby is Lego. Rare, old, out of production sets often command prices many, many multiples of their original retail prices. So there's this guy on a Lego forum where I hang out and receive enabling of a different sort (the quantum money involved is of a magnitude somewhat less than on here but they take up that...
I had such a hard time deciding between the Pepsi, the Coke and the BLNR that I just decided to get all three. Now to grow another arm so I can wear them all at the same time.
So I went to check out Pepsis and Cokes at a couple of pre-owned places. Not bad, though some were pretty pricey for what they were. Apparently there is still a healthy demand for GMTs. Then, I happened by a Rolex dealer and popped in to take a look see and they had a BLNR available. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap. Now I know what you guys have been going on about.
Other than the fact that you know in your head the watchmaker cut corners, is there anything else fundamentally wrong with using a small movement in a large case? I detect a bias in TWAT towards smaller watches but that can't be the whole story. I too am not a fan of the date at 430 (though it looks just right on the Overseas for some reason) and can live without a date on watches in general (more often than not the date is wrong anyhow) but I love the lacquered white...
Thank you sir. I rather like it myself.I have discovered a chrono that may have my name on it:
At SIHH Richard Mille had this new flower tourbillon. Also fascinating to watch and if I recall correctly one could press a button and the flower would 'bloom'.
Apologies - I never meant that. I could have said it much better and less flippantly, and it was also somewhat out of context when quoting the James Bond Omega picture.Please kindly disregard and I hope I have not caused offence.
SO what else do you have coming?Not to beat the dead horse but why is IWC in particular singled out on here for having a multitide of limited editions? Have you seen limited editions of the ROO? There's even one for my country for goodness sakes.Sarcasm meter not quite working but pretty sure nondescript and 50mm can never appear in the same sentence when discussing watches. Even relative.The case shape and styling of the Aquanaut and Nautilus make them similar in my book...
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