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What the.. I don't even...
Rubber B is very nice and I'm pretty sure though costly, will be half or even less of the price of a standalone oysterflex. Although I should say, I have the blue version of that strap and the stripe is a lot more subtle in real life.I'm digging the YM too, but it needs to get in line behind the TT blue sub on my kop list.
I just realized the 39mm OP is also available in blue dial.
It is a nice way to fill the blue steel sub shaped hole in the Rolex / Tudor lineup. Blue white gold sub is a bit rich for most people.
Meanwhile, on the other end of the MUST KOP NAOOOO scale...
Amazing. Just simply amazing.
After reading this my main takeaway (other than how amazing Rolex is, which I think we all know and can agree in) is that I. Want. A. Daytona.And this is from someone who doesn't even particular like chronos.
Can't speak for future releases, but this one is still pretty reasonable - $3,500 or thereabouts.
The blue starburst dial they have on the oyster perpetual and DJs. Would kop in a heartbeat.
At least they called it the Moonwatch and not Moonmaster.
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