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I know this is a watch porn thread but what I'm posting isn't porn per se (unless you're into things like this) but am posting in here cause its most likely someone reading this will know what to do. I did something extremely, extremely, stupid, resulting in condensation from seawater appearing on the inside of the case of my yachtmaster. Its quite a number of years old and I should have gotten the case pressure checked etc before taking it out but oh well, hindsight is...
Sadly, others in this thread have given sage advice, see below..Although out of curiosity, how much is it going for?True story, I recently acquired a Portuguese chrono when what I really wanted was the 7 day power reserve. Although I got a hell of a good deal on the chrono, so maybe not all is lost, I might be able to see it in a year or two when I can upgrade for not too much a hit.
My Precioussssssss.....
You would think they would at least have the most basic level of quality control.. Even for a fake factory.
Would've been all over the suit but pleated pants...
My trusty Yachtmaster. Apologies for the somewhat grainy cellphone pic.. The current object of my lust.
For perpetual calendars, don't they just have to be accurate to 4 years only to account for leap years? Or am I missing something..
Watch porn indeed.
Would never in a million years consider Hublot, but randomly wandered in to a local watch place, saw this and fell in love: http://www.amazon.com/Hublot-Classic-Fusion-Automatic-542-CM-1770-RX/dp/B006BQ1N3U/ Nowhere near the somewhat oversized dimensions of the regular Big Bangs, it looks surprisingly understated and classy in person. Hmm. Thoughts?
What is wrong with the fit? What is your usual size?
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