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On a somewhat related note I took my BLNR travelling a couple of weeks ago (first trip since I picked it up, first GMT watch too). I would randomly keep staring at it just to check 'home' time, even though it was only a 3 hour time difference and I could just have easily done the math in my head.
The dial on the deep blue is mesmerising, but other than that both hold no appeal to me.
I must say I am greatly appreciating this new trend of posting watches together with delicious looking food.
You needed to be reminded??? If I had something like that coming in the mail I would obsessively and compulsively check the tracking number a dozen times each day.
I'm fortunate that this is mrs aleksandr's philosophy. Also it helps that (1) both of us make very decent salaries so household finances are never an issue, and (2) I've been into the nice thing game far longer than I've known her so from day one when we started dating (and probably importantly, before she had any say in finances) I've been buying things.
I like this one, but pretty sure it gets filed under "case too big for movement"
Nope, strictly recon. Vintage pieces don't really appeal to me, more recent pieces were somewhat pricey.There was a pretty decent 16613 (which is probably next on my kop list) at $7,300, which vaguely tempted me though pricing wasn't fantastic, but decided not to risk the wrath of mrs aleksandr with yet another unannounced unauthorised purchase.
So I went on a little reconnaissance mission for Journeyman. Figured some on here would appreciate the pictures as well so am posting them here. Enjoy. [[SPOILER]] There was an OysterQuartz available at a very nice price, but try as I might I couldn't get over the fact that it was a quartz movement.
There must be something wrong with me. The kop desire is still strong even though I tell myself repeatedly I have a very broad (though not necessarily deep) collection. Which includes a blue dial 15400 RO. Unrelated and probably blasphemous but whadya know, rubber strap doesn't look too out of place with a suit.
Have not personally dealt with him but do note that most of the watches he sells (especially the vintage models) are "no box no papers", which perhaps is one reason why they may be cheaper. Not that there is any question of authenticity, but I know some here wouldn't touch a boxless and paperless watch.
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