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Can I recommend the Heritage Black Bay? Sub lookwith Tudor pricing. I have the 2012(?) red version but the new blue one is pretty sweet too.
Against my better judgment, I will join this, starting off in mid table mediocrity before fading into oblivion once January comes round.
I've been trying to avoid this thread - every time I visit it seems I add a couple of watches to my bucket list of watches to own which only ever gets longer and longer - and today's visit is no different. Drooling over that (purportedly fake) DSSD. That dial is
So apparently airlines charge either nothing or 10% of the regular fare for infants under 2 years of age. I also have a rather large amount of FF miles saved up from my previous life when I worked out of a suitcase 80 hours a week and some credit card spending. Enough for 2 first class tickets across the Pacific and then some. So the vague plan is sometime next year, before my kid turns 2, to pay taxes for 2 people and 10% of the first class fare to get the family to the...
Shut up and take my money?
You would think for $65 they would at least get their roman numerals right. Seriously, IIII??? How hard is is it to copy from any other picture???
I had him for the first couple of GWs then dropped him like a hot potato once I realized all he could do was score penalties.Rickie Lambert and Daniel Sturridge have been doing well for me but week in week out I choose some random guy that scores 2 points to be my captain which has been letting me down.
10 of 28 heading into this GW, I fear this will be the highest I will ever be. Better savor the moment..
Me too
Glad I didn't meet any of you guys. Scraped through 38 - 34 :P
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