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I had him for the first couple of GWs then dropped him like a hot potato once I realized all he could do was score penalties.Rickie Lambert and Daniel Sturridge have been doing well for me but week in week out I choose some random guy that scores 2 points to be my captain which has been letting me down.
10 of 28 heading into this GW, I fear this will be the highest I will ever be. Better savor the moment..
Me too
Glad I didn't meet any of you guys. Scraped through 38 - 34 :P
Powered through with 80 points against my opponent's 52. Unlikely to last though.
Chelsea winning 8-0 made for a very, very nice weekend for me. Yay!
It is slowly becoming clear to me that Android is superior to iOS. I can't put my finger on it, but right now I am trying to decide if I want to ditch the entire apple ecosystem. Which is serious business, I have a loads of media on iTunes and a whole bunch of apps. Argh.
For what I want out of it (random snapshots, memories on the fly) both phones' cameras are fine. Not enough experience as a smartphone photographer to say which one is better, but I still wouldn't use either over my regular camera (Olympus m4/3).
I would say the difference is pretty negligible. Nexus is slightly taller and wider but I cannot tell the difference in weight. iPhone has a smaller screen but it is nicer (slightly sharper and brighter colors) than the Nexus'.
Been playing with mine for a couple of days. Feel kinda stupid lugging 3 phones (this, iPhone 5, blackberry) around but wanted to use them side by side for a bit to compare. Pretty impressed so far, some things android does pretty well. One thing really annoys me though, speaker seems to be terribly soft.
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