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You guys forgot telemarketers.
Back this weekend and will post once I get over jet lag.
Do. Want. How much does this cost? What if it were done in non-exotic leather?
You are very welcome. May I just say that I am now considering gifting these to myself as well...
Probably too late for my SS this year but I lust after that @PierpontLeather alligator wallet. That thing is sick.
You need to spend some time in DT... Or have participated in previous EDitions.
PMed on 16
Why not this???
For what its worth, I'm probably with the dissenting majority here. Not sure if I'll ever kop a MB myself - my current to-kop list is far too long already - but I do appreciate what they've been doing the past couple of years. And personally if I like the look of the watch and dial, I couldn't care less how much of the space in the case was empty air. Out of curiosity Dino - what would you recommend at the low end / entry level price point?
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