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Wait what. You can do watch straps too?? My poor poor credit card.
Quoted for truth. In between all that other stuff he managed to find time to make a little bag charm for the Mrs for valentine's day and even arranged for expedited shipping to make sure it made it halfway across the world in time.
Hmmmhmhmmmhmhmm. Now I want to commission a Macbook case too.
Received it yesterday. In just one word, wow. Gorgeous and amazingly luxe.Why pay for off the shelf stuff when you can get better quality in a color palette of your own choice for similar prices?
That looks gorgeous. Really pleased with how it turned out.
Placed an order. Excited to see how it turns out!
I am in on this.So basically this Rich 0119 guy paid for postage for a scarf in exchange for a salt lick and Kent brush???
Better late than never, but just to announce to everyone that @Jr Mouse is a man after my own heart. A nice selection of salsa and hot sauce (with bonus pecan butter and BBQ sauce) sourced locally, with an interesting cookbook as well. I am rather fond of lathering hot sauce and chili over my food, so these in particular will come in useful, though I must say pumpkin salsa sounds rather suspicious. Thank you and (a somewhat belated) Merry Christmas!
Thanks - dropped you an email.
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