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Agree. I personally always associate ALS with the oversize date display.
Congratulations good sir. Which version did you wind up getting in the end?
To celebrate the opening of a new boutique, JLC brought some eye candy to town: That meteorite dial is :love: Unfortunately they couldn't be tried on but I took the opportunity to try some others..
Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
This is harder than I thought it would be. Are the viewing angles right?
I know the discussion has moved on since then, but to rewind the clock back a day or two and revisit the issue of gold - I posted the original question but didn't have time yesterday to respond. Thanks all for your thoughts and I agree mostly. Solid yellow gold dress watch on a leather strap - for sure. Rose gold - most of the time yes. That PP Eclipse - no not really. Now to the point of contention. Specifically, two tone Rolexes. My love / hate affair started with...
I have the Rotonde Cartier with power reserve in steel - also a Dino recommendation - and it is very, very nice. Although wirh a 30k budget I think I too would've gone for something from PP or the other usual suspects.
Don't quite like the second hand on the first one - reminds me of a snake - and how does the second one work??
Quick straw poll. Yellow gold in watches: 1.Never 2. Will consider two tone 3. Okay if it's done tastefully 4. BRING ON THE BLING Ever since I've gotten into nice watches it's been option 1 but recently I feel drawn to a few models. Not quite at option 4 yet but options 2 and 3 are definitely possible.
Upon further reflection, if I were to stumble upon the PP at Goodwill or at an estate sale I feel that I could consider adding it to my rotation.
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