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Well that was me too I guess. I was talking about the possibility of the new Snoopy Moonwatch being boutique only, and if so the discount would be significantly less than if I were able to get it through my AD. I'm not sure I love it enough to kop (and further I'm supposed to be on a kop hiatus) so this is all a hypothetical discussion at the moment. For all I know they'll be sold out everywhere and I couldn't even get one at MSRP, at which point I will probably move on.
Well, in my specific case (since you quoted my post) assuming a watch cost 10k. I could buy it from omega for 9700 (3% discount) and get invited to some super exclusive omega event. Or I could get it from my regular AD at 8500 (15% discount though does vary, 15% is pretty average). I don't get invited to the omega event, but I have 1200 in my pocket to go towards my next purchase. That's pretty real to me.
Uh oh, late to the party. Plus it's sure to be a boutique only model which means a measly 3% discount.Not sure if they're limited or not but last time I did my rounds I saw plenty of Dark and Grey side of the moons (which I was told was boutique only as well) on display, so there is some hope yet.
Not usually a fan of Speedmasters but the new Snoopy one seems to speak to me in a way I do not understand. Something about the combination of white dial, whimsical cartoon character and historical trivia seems to just click in my head. Very strange, but bottom line is I do want one. Even more so than them Dark / Grey / White Side of the Moon editions, which are admittedly pretty but does not quite push my buttons in the same...
The sales associate I deal with the most at my AD is always happy to ply me with whatever catalogues they have available. I think she is hoping to sell me a PP one day since she always gives me theirs even without me asking.
If you're asking me, its the 2.4 non-turbo.
Current watch and pen.. Yachtmaster does not get enough love on here. I am sad. On the off topic of Audis.. I've been driving an A6 for a number of years and other than the fact it guzzles engine oil (light comes on every 3 to 6 months) and the usual wear and tear I haven't had any serious issues. But of course I'll say this and experience a transmission failure or something next week.
On a somewhat related note I took my BLNR travelling a couple of weeks ago (first trip since I picked it up, first GMT watch too). I would randomly keep staring at it just to check 'home' time, even though it was only a 3 hour time difference and I could just have easily done the math in my head.
The dial on the deep blue is mesmerising, but other than that both hold no appeal to me.
I must say I am greatly appreciating this new trend of posting watches together with delicious looking food.
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