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Actually I wouldn't even have noticed if people on here had not pointed it out. It doesn't really bother me either, I'm more concerned with the external aesthetic than whether the movement is much smaller than the case.
That is one of the greatest (and also the most dangerous!) things about hanging out here. Seeing something which you wouldn't look at twice in a completely new light. Case in point, Snoopy.
Well that was me too I guess. I was talking about the possibility of the new Snoopy Moonwatch being boutique only, and if so the discount would be significantly less than if I were able to get it through my AD. I'm not sure I love it enough to kop (and further I'm supposed to be on a kop hiatus) so this is all a hypothetical discussion at the moment. For all I know they'll be sold out everywhere and I couldn't even get one at MSRP, at which point I will probably move on.
Well, in my specific case (since you quoted my post) assuming a watch cost 10k. I could buy it from omega for 9700 (3% discount) and get invited to some super exclusive omega event. Or I could get it from my regular AD at 8500 (15% discount though does vary, 15% is pretty average). I don't get invited to the omega event, but I have 1200 in my pocket to go towards my next purchase. That's pretty real to me.
Uh oh, late to the party. Plus it's sure to be a boutique only model which means a measly 3% discount.Not sure if they're limited or not but last time I did my rounds I saw plenty of Dark and Grey side of the moons (which I was told was boutique only as well) on display, so there is some hope yet.
Not usually a fan of Speedmasters but the new Snoopy one seems to speak to me in a way I do not understand. Something about the combination of white dial, whimsical cartoon character and historical trivia seems to just click in my head. Very strange, but bottom line is I do want one. Even more so than them Dark / Grey / White Side of the Moon editions, which are admittedly pretty but does not quite push my buttons in the same...
The sales associate I deal with the most at my AD is always happy to ply me with whatever catalogues they have available. I think she is hoping to sell me a PP one day since she always gives me theirs even without me asking.
If you're asking me, its the 2.4 non-turbo.
Current watch and pen.. Yachtmaster does not get enough love on here. I am sad. On the off topic of Audis.. I've been driving an A6 for a number of years and other than the fact it guzzles engine oil (light comes on every 3 to 6 months) and the usual wear and tear I haven't had any serious issues. But of course I'll say this and experience a transmission failure or something next week.
On a somewhat related note I took my BLNR travelling a couple of weeks ago (first trip since I picked it up, first GMT watch too). I would randomly keep staring at it just to check 'home' time, even though it was only a 3 hour time difference and I could just have easily done the math in my head.
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