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I have seen so many Explorers in the past few pages that all of a sudden I want one of my own too.
To me the biggest difference would be the hands. The Oyster Perpetual has ever so slightly dresser hands (IMO). It also comes in a domed bezel but that's up to personal preference. Also it's 36mm which depending on the Explorer you are looking at may be smaller or the same size.I've discovered that everyone in here is always very generous in sharing recommendations and general watch knowledge. I've learned a lot from lurking and occasionally posting and am happy to...
Apologies, I misread the original question and thus missed the point of your post.To respond to the one watch question - I have far more watches than is decent at the moment but some moons ago I received a yachtmaster I as a graduation present from my father. It was my first, shall we say, TWAT approved watch (though I've noticed it gets much less love than some other Rolex models, I'm not sure why) but it faithfully accompanied me on all my endeavors from law firm...
Also, on the question of bulk - you really have to try watches on to see how bulky they are on your wrist. You may be surprised.
One more - Rolex Oyster Perpetual 116000. Your choice of bezel and face.This is my favorite:
While I do agree that the AP RO does make for a good "The One Watch" - I find myself reaching for mine more often than anything else I have at the moment - it's quite a stretch for the budget to go from an Omega Aqua Terra to an AP RO , especially for a first watch. Though that being said if one is only ever only going to buy one watch, a case can be made for saving up for the RO..Without going into AP territory, the Aqua Terra is a great choice, as are the smaller Rolexes...
I don't want to come.off as being racist or stereotyping, but the only RM watches I have seen in the wild are on the wrists of nouveau riche mainland Chinese, the same kind of people who would buy the tackiest most ostentatious clothes from LV and Prada just because they are LV and Prada. They walk into a boutique and ask for the most expensive watch available and walk out with a RM. Black tie tonight:
I've often wondered whether Roger Federer has ever played competitive tennis with a Rolex strapped to his wrist.
Similar to what I was looking at as well! My short list of three consisted of the Glashutte PanaLunaMatic, JLC Master Control, IWC Ingenieur, but this is what I wound up with this, as recommended by Dino:
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