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Thanks for those who chimed in with thoughts on the Dark Side of the Moon. Decided to kop before rationality caught up with me so dropped a line to my AD to check price and availability. Only to find out that its apparently a boutique exclusive model and they can't get any. Which probably means I can't get my usually pretty hefty discount I've never actually purchased anything from a boutique before - is it kosher to ask for a discount there too?
So there I was minding my own business, having breakfast and reading the paper when all of a sudden this jumps out at me, featured in a full page ad from a local AD: Been vaguely thinking about a Planet Ocean but that may have to wait in line after this... Thoughts?
I'm not sure why there's so much interest in the Apple Watch in TWAT - pretty sure the target demographic is not your typical TWAT guy. For myself, I don't have enough days to sufficiently rotate through all the watches I already have. And the watches I currently want. Not to mention the watches I will want from reading more TWAT. Pretty sure an Apple Watch - technological marvel though it may be - will find it pretty difficult to get any wrist time.
Maybe some have even appeared in this thread, unbeknownst to all..
Piaget Altiplano. Not sure what the RRP on that is though, except its out of my price range.
To back up a few pages, if no one other than Rolex USA are allowed to import Rolexes, how do grey market dealers (Jomashop, etc) get theirs?
Why'd you do that! He was my captain for the first two matches and I was dumb enough to make Sturridge my captain this weekend (vs Spurs, sure to be a landslide win) but I would never have taken him out..
While the collar is the right size gorilla length arms means my outlay will probably be double the BIN taking into consideration tailoring costs.
Are my eyes are failing me or does the IWC Ingenieur look a lot like the VC Overseas? Poor man's edition of course. Also, there's something about that two tone Sub. Normally I'd stay far away from YG but in that combination with the blue..
Oh wow, just read through this. Maybe its time to do Christmas shopping for the wife.
New Posts  All Forums: