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I would say the difference is pretty negligible. Nexus is slightly taller and wider but I cannot tell the difference in weight. iPhone has a smaller screen but it is nicer (slightly sharper and brighter colors) than the Nexus'.
Been playing with mine for a couple of days. Feel kinda stupid lugging 3 phones (this, iPhone 5, blackberry) around but wanted to use them side by side for a bit to compare. Pretty impressed so far, some things android does pretty well. One thing really annoys me though, speaker seems to be terribly soft.
Most of my team plays today.. Had to make a bunch of changes because Chelsea are playing in the club World Cup. Made Michu captain - here we go!
Got in touch. Was gonna visit yesterday but our schedules didn't work out. Will try to fix an appointment this week and report back.Aren't they all hand wound? I always associate that crown with a hand wound movement.
yup, mine was estimated at 2 to 3 weeks and if my math is correct i am at 2 weeks 2 days from when I ordered.
Just got a shipping notice. Ordered on the 27th.
Why have I not heard of this before! Thanks for the link, gonna hit him up and see what he suggests for my Portuguese chrono.
Two assists from duff saved my ass this week.
Epically challenged
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