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Also, a far distance below the 1k target (and probably anathema to most, no matter how open to foreign ideas this thread is) but I am strangely drawn to the Swatch Sistem 51. Probably not the "one" watch, but..
30ft at the most. But yes, older watch had not been serviced in while.
same here.. boo.
Just ruins the pocket. My life is richer for being in here and admiring the porn.
That happened to me once. Took my YM diving, water got in. Long story short, movement was damaged beyond repair, Rolex wanted $7,000 (or some other silly money) to fix it. I figured screw it, managed to find a used 3135 somewhere (eBay I think?) and paid a watch repair guy to replace it. Think it cost me less than $2,000 in all, except I can't ever take my YM back to Rolex ever. Expensive lesson, and then some.
Love the way the dial reflects the light. Thanks for sharing.Sorry for the noob question but whats the exact model?
Waiting for automatic substitution to kick in so captain Sturrdige gets subbed out and vice captain Costa gets his double points.
Thanks for those who chimed in with thoughts on the Dark Side of the Moon. Decided to kop before rationality caught up with me so dropped a line to my AD to check price and availability. Only to find out that its apparently a boutique exclusive model and they can't get any. Which probably means I can't get my usually pretty hefty discount I've never actually purchased anything from a boutique before - is it kosher to ask for a discount there too?
So there I was minding my own business, having breakfast and reading the paper when all of a sudden this jumps out at me, featured in a full page ad from a local AD: Been vaguely thinking about a Planet Ocean but that may have to wait in line after this... Thoughts?
I'm not sure why there's so much interest in the Apple Watch in TWAT - pretty sure the target demographic is not your typical TWAT guy. For myself, I don't have enough days to sufficiently rotate through all the watches I already have. And the watches I currently want. Not to mention the watches I will want from reading more TWAT. Pretty sure an Apple Watch - technological marvel though it may be - will find it pretty difficult to get any wrist time.
New Posts  All Forums: