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Am also trying to convince the wife that this is an excellent time to purchase a Swiss watch (notwithstanding I'm supposed to stop purchases to save up for my grail), though the selling is a tough uphill struggle considering she just purchased one for me at Christmas. Nevertheless I managed to find my way into a local Rolex dealer to check out the oyster perpetual dial colors (I like blue) when this caught my eye. I rather suspect most here will say "Abomination!" or...
I quite like reading Hodinkee, although ablogtowatch is just terribad. And that name...
Interesting datapoint on the MB Nicholas Rieussec - when they were first released (2010? 2011?) dealers were instructed absolutely no discounts, ever. And this is against the backdrops of dealers discounting 10% or 20% off list price for most brands (including MB) without one even asking, with the possibility of further discounts after some negotiation. About a month or so ago I was offered the entry level at ~30% off list. Wonder what changed.
if you come from a country / culture where its traditional for the groom / groom's family to demand a dowry, then sure. Otherwise it is very bad form.
Not your usual TWAT fare but picked these two pieces up recently on the cheap - less than $200 all in each which probably won't even buy you a replacement link for the RO - but am relatively pleased with how they turned out. Saw them on massdrop and couldn't resist and anyway figured I couldn't go wrong at the price. Seiko Superior - has a nice heft and that date window reminds me of the VC Overseas. Even has a display caseback! Seagull M17 - strap is pretty crap and...
uhm nominal in the everyday context or nominal with reference to the cost of the watch??
What did you get?
Not as baller as the rest of you with your minute repeaters and what not but I really like this:
This issue has been deemed serious enough and relevant locally to appear on the second page of the local broadsheet. Sjx was also given a shoutout.Looks like prices are set to rise 10-15% in the next couple of months - dealers say once current stocks are depleted new ones will probably have their prices hiked.
Something like this?(Full size image at http://www.chrono24.com/magazine/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/uhrtyp-E-logo-O.png. Kopped from chrono24 so it must be legit)
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