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This is somewhat akin to saying "Look guys I'm at a strip club" and sending a picture of a pile of discarded clothes.
Something on an altogether different scale which is going to put all you small timers' SLGs to shame 😎
Oh hey you guys get in line. Pretty sure The Next Big Thing is coming my way.
I should get a commission on that sale!! 😂😂
Not to thread crap but since we are all interested in seeing nice things.. Hermes still make a similar cardholder, except with a couple more card slots. No idea what it's called, some derivative of MC2 I guess. Probably nowhere as slim as what @walds11 wants though. I'd commission a cardholder except the wife just got me this for Christmas last year and it is rather nice..
Dear leader: I am pleased to report that the second book as arrived, with some interesting looking recipes that I shall try out sometime.Also have tried out the BBQ sauce twice, with chicken and ribs. Both turned out pretty damned good, wife asked what marinade I used and I just replied "secret sauce".
That is a very nice color combination.
This has been my experience as well - part of the fun is the ordering process and Parker has been very detailed in his replies and explanation. I am still searching for inspiration on a custom bag design so am considering either a watch strap or a belt as my next project in the meantime. Sadly I don't really need a Macbook case.
Please spam pics for our viewing pleasure.
What kind of watches can you do straps for? (I could ask via email but I figured other people would be interested in the replies too)
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