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I've thought about Hermes watches before. They have some interesting complications, like their Temps Suspendu and (I forget the exact name) masked hour, though I suspect the novelty would wear off rather quickly.I also like the VC&A complications, but they're a little too bling for me. And also priced far out of reach.
I suspect I'm personally a sucker for that particular shade of orange. Always reminds me of Hermes..
Have always wanted to kop an AP wall clock, they're all over the place at my local airport. Though I could do without the strange blue lighting.
Nothing wrong with seeing it again. We're all here to appreciate nice watches.
Unfortunately the place I got my black / blue stripe strap from doesn't do black / orange stripe, but this doesn't look too bad.http://rubberb.com/en/rolex-watch-band-products/rolex-explorer-ii-new-42mmm
I think I've found a winner. Not NATO but rubber, but suitable for my purposes - was looking for something a little more casual.
Anyone have a NATO strap place to recommend? Looking for a black / blue alternate striped strap to go with the BLNR.
You really have to see it in person,. I vacillated for a long time between a Coke and a Pepsi, but once I saw the BLNR, there was only ever going to be one winner. I was blown away.Ah I only ever travel to first world countries so I wouldn't know. But I don't think I've ever attracted strange looks anywhere ever. Either that or I'm too oblivious to notice. My travel watch of choice is usually my trusty old (somewhat beat up and nondescript) yachtmaster I.
Ah, yes. You recall correctly. I also picked up a DJII along the way as well.Which is why this is an unauthorized purchase..Although that being said, I also have my eye on a tt blue / gold sub. I need help.
Speaking of unauthorized purchases..
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