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Why not this???
For what its worth, I'm probably with the dissenting majority here. Not sure if I'll ever kop a MB myself - my current to-kop list is far too long already - but I do appreciate what they've been doing the past couple of years. And personally if I like the look of the watch and dial, I couldn't care less how much of the space in the case was empty air. Out of curiosity Dino - what would you recommend at the low end / entry level price point?
Oh my. Go away for a week and miss so much.Somewhat late to the party but congratulations @BostonHedonist! In addition to engagement / wedding present, there are also birthday, anniversary and Christmas presents...Whatever happened to @Brax and his box tease???This needs to be quoted for posterity:
My wrist is strictly average in size. I suspect it may look too large but I think I'm okay with that.On a somewhat related note, has Rolex ever made a steel blue sub? The current iteration is white gold, and the other precious metal watch I've been looking at is a TT blue sub, not the latest one but the old 16613. I've never come across a steel blue one before though. I could probably google and find out but probably easier to just ask on here..
Thanks for your thoughts, as always. And of course I've figured my tastes in terms of size runs different to the rest of TWAT, so I like the size here. I tried on the tourby model a couple of weeks ago when I was in Hong Kong (they didn't have the small seconds in stock but they were kind enough to let me try on the tourbillon!) and it felt pretty right in terms of size.I don't have watches in anything other than steel. Still very hesitant to make the jump to any precious...
This is an irrelevant consideration. Buy what you like, not what others do or do not have. Though if you are open to considering something slightly different, can I suggest a GMT?
Just in case this is missing from the catalog:Do. Want. So. Bad.
Like you guys need catalogs for all that want. Don't tell me none of you have ever perused these websites and mentally kopped before? This is the latest tab I have open: https://www.patek.com/en/mens-watches/calatrava/5227R-001
Am toying with the idea of picking up the Sport edition as a workout watch. Been thinking about something along the lines of a Fitbit or some other new-fangled fitness gadget to whip my fat ass into shape so we shall see. Of course, depends on stock availability and knowing Apple product launches, probably be the end of the year before these are widely available.
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