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Thanks for rushing this out, Parker, and apologies that the (somewhat) self-imposed deadline is giving you long hours! It's looking fantastic and I'm really excited just looking at the photos. Now, I'm not sure whether giving you another project or giving you a break is a better way to express my gratitude..
Must... Resist... Urge... To... Claim... For... Self...
This ones a bit of a head scratcher. I'd never have picked charcoal based on the swatch (black gator, while classic, is boring), but the picture Parker posted earlier is very handsome.
😂😂😂If it weren't for annoying cites regulations I'd do a gator something in a heartbeat. That piece you showed is a whole new level of baller. Well, either this gray (What's it called?) or that French blue I was eyeing previously.
I vote for orange mysore with marine thread!
I much prefer shoulder straps to handles, though I rather suspect this shows my age (or lack thereof).. Anyhow I think pictures would work far better than me trying to discribe, so once I receive it and am done drooling will most definitely load it up and do a show and tell.
I'm not sure how I would describe it actually. It's a product of being unsatisfied with off the shelf bags - camera bags in general look ugly, plus experience from years of lugging around a camera plus a bunch of lenses showed they mostly provided far more protection than was necessary, while designer offerings, while scoring better in the looks department, weren't nearly as suitable or functional for what I wanted to carry around - camera gear, possibly tablet, plus baby...
I'll let you know where to send the commission!!Excellent...
This will be my fate, until eventually everything leather I own will have been made by Parker.
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