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This is very good advice and thank you for the very timely reminder.
Some interesting responses - thanks very much for all your thoughts. @academe - when you say you wait 5-10 years between major watch purchases, do you mean you don't buy anything in the meantime?? I project it will probably take me 5 or so years to save up for the PP, but I can also foresee it will be terribly difficult to resist picking up something or other along the way. Willpower to resist purchases is rather low. As for your other recommendations, the PP I have my...
Where do I go from here? I feel like I'm standing at a sort of a crossroads. With the latest addition of the Cartier (thanks to the wife) I've added a dress watch, and I feel like I have a rather "complete" collection - if any watch collection can be considered complete! Anyhow, I have two possible paths to take at this point. Grin and bear it and not buy a watch for a few years while saving up for a grail (a PP annual calendar right now) or continue to add random...
This is good advice. It has happened to me on a number of occasions as well - most recently with another JLC, the Master Control. It just looked exceedingly blah and average to me in person.
Merry Christmas, TWAT.
Yes but I would imagine they would all eventually go back to the same bunch of beneficial owners?
Also another question (this one can probably be answered by Google but am on a mobile and am lazy) Rolex USA and Rolex in the rest of the world have different owners? How did that come about.
Is any other watch brand able to do this? Or for that matter, any other brand?
I have friends who feel their G-shocks are now irrelevant because they can tell the time on their mobile phones..
So the wife went shopping today and this is what she came back with: I know the date display is not TWAT approved but am really digging it. Cleaner than the other version posted above with the large date abs day/night indicator, this version is manual wind with power reserve. Can't wait for boxing day.
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