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So no more 30% + 20% after Christmas sale any more? Not only have they increased the prices but decreased their sale
I don't own any SS garments/suits yet but I thought SS suit quality is superior to Jcrew. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
Do you know if the 40% off apply to sales items?Thanks
Do they have alteration there or do you have to bring it else where?
Does SS have any sales for BF or when do they normally have their best sales? Thanks
Has BB dress shirts gone up in price? I bought some dress shirts from them last year and I don't recall any of them were over $90 a piece.
Thanks, Winston. I actually disabled signature therefore I can't view it.
Does anyone know Sleven's work email?
I want to order a blazer online but they ran out of my size. Anyone has a salesman that can help me to place an order?
Looking for a pristine Stowa Antea or alike. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks
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