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Has BB dress shirts gone up in price? I bought some dress shirts from them last year and I don't recall any of them were over $90 a piece.
Thanks, Winston. I actually disabled signature therefore I can't view it.
Does anyone know Sleven's work email?
I want to order a blazer online but they ran out of my size. Anyone has a salesman that can help me to place an order?
Looking for a pristine Stowa Antea or alike. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks
I should have said the majority of their shoes are bulky and round. They got some nice new shoes and loafers.
IMO, I think AE are for people who are 50 years old or older. I don't find AE to be attractive at all. They are bulky and round. Of course, it's just my opinion.
Have you tried Nordstrom trim dress shirt for $65 and Calibrate trim shirt for $60 at nordstrom? BB dress shirts are way overpriced and their cuff dress (non iron and classic) shirts are super thin. IMO, their cuff dress shirts felt cheaper than the one they sell at Walmart.
^agree. I think you should have went down two size instead.
Wow... That sucks. I think I'm going to find somewhere else to shop now. It seems like BB raises their price every now and then. Soon their sales don't even worth it any more.
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